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Boris Prilutsky has been teaching and practicing medical and sports massage for over 40 years. He is the founder of the IPPT school of massage, physical therapy aide and chiropractor assistants program in Los Angeles. He graduated from the Pedagogic Institute of Higher Education in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, with a degree in physical education. Subsequently, he completed a postgraduate physical rehabilitation study at Lesgofft Institute of the former Leningrad, graduated from Medical College in Ramat-Gan, Israel, with a major in chiropractic medicine. In the first 20 years of his career, he spent working with Olympian teams of the former Soviet Union. Boris has trained thousands of therapists worldwide. He also treats patients with various neural, muscular and skeletal disorders at his offices at San Fernando Valley as well as a Beverly Hills, California. When teaching classes, Boris shares not only book knowledge but most importantly clinical experiences from the treatment room.
Boris professional philosophy, developed after many years in the treatment room and teaching thousands of students. One can summarise it in a small phrase “Simple approach to massage therapy.”

An evening of rich and varied information is always assured with Boris – a great teacher from a part of the world where massage is the serious, medical modality we can only envision and aspire to in this country. A wellspring of both theory and practice, Boris gives us all a lift and a glimpse into the ever possible tomorrow of massage in America.

The fearsome mystery of hypertension, killer, and disabler that it is, was revealed as both symptom and disease, cause and result. Since only 8% of its diagnosis is attributed to kidney dysfunction, tumors on the adrenaline gland, or narrowing of the aorta, the remaining 92% comes with etiology unknown. In such cases, the patient is diagnosed with “essential hypertension” or EH. Boris also discussed the pervasive use of blood pressure medicine and the body’s ability to override it, resulting in the changing of medicines, and the inherent problems and side effects.

Boris’s Beliefs

Boris believes that it is essential to understand that medical and sports massage is a science-based procedure. This means that every touch or technical approach he teaches is explainable. He demonstrates and explains in front of the camera, making his teaching clear and easy to learn. Each protocol is demonstrated step-by-step, making it nearly impossible not to learn.

Boris's beliefs are founded on the principle that the science of massage must be clinically applicable in the treatment room. If it isn't, then it simply becomes scientific demagoguery. He contends that learning medical and sports massage isn't achievable by memorizing thousands of pages in books. Understanding pathogenesis and the physiological effects of massage on the human body are crucial. One must have the ability to sense with their hands what the eyes cannot perceive. Therefore, he highly recommends commencing the learning of science-based medical and sports massage from program #10. It's remarkably simple, clinically proven, and easy to learn, guiding practitioners on how to "see" with their hands what their eyes cannot.

Boris believes, teaches, and practices the approach that skeletal muscular disorders, visceral diseases, or mental insufficiencies should not be seen as individual disorders but as diseases of the entire human body/organism. This perspective leads to treating them as conditions of the entire organism, which ultimately circles back to program #10.

He emphasizes that the lymphatic system is solely responsible for disposing of metabolic toxins from the entire body, while the glymphatic system is responsible for eliminating toxins from the brain. Inadequate disposal of these toxins leads to a compromised immune system, Alzheimer's development, and various other health issues. Understanding and learning from program #5—manual acceleration of lymphatic and cerebrospinal fluid drainage—is vital for detoxification.

Boris firmly believes that by observing his hands-on performance and detailed explanations, it becomes impossible not to learn. According to his beliefs, continued education programs should be viewed as elective classes. For instance, if a practitioner does not plan to practice pregnancy massage, they might consider skipping it. However, program numbers 10, 5, and 2 are fundamental for the entire practice of medical and sports massage.

Boris underlines that in the healthcare field, medical massage is the most potent treatment methodology for stress-related illnesses. A significant percentage of visits to primary care physicians—ranging from 75% to 90%—are due to stress-related illnesses, including essential hypertension, tension headaches, dizziness, sleep disorders, muscular aches and pains, and anxieties. His programs are dedicated to teaching hands-on protocols that effectively address these stress-related disorders. This encompasses understanding central sensitization of pain and anxieties and the ability to facilitate the disposal of emotional stress by dedicating 50% of the time to kneading/petrissage. Boris provides guidance on the correct performance of these techniques while considering appropriate biomechanics to prevent job-related illnesses.

A little bit of history

In 1973 Professor Alexander Dembo of Leningrad conducted a study involving cervical region disorders in conjunction with a relief of pain and hypertension. Some of the protocols could be used after warming the body and increasing circulation. The demonstration featured techniques for the anterior scalene muscles, and the obliquus capitis inferior muscles, which if tight can compress the vertebral artery. This would limit blood supply to the posterior part of the brain. The compromised amount of blood supply to the brain due to the obstruction of the vertebral artery will awake high blood pressure. Also, Boris demonstrated direct stimulation of the vertebral artery at the place of its insertion into the skull (foramen magnum) Work such as this prevents strokes, heart attacks, and lowers blood pressure. Boris invited us to join a class at his school, IPPT, which will provide much information, plus the Drs. Glezer-Dalicho charts of reflex zones abnormalities in skin, connective tissue, and muscles. Elimination of reflex zones abnormalities, according to Boris, is an important factor in achieving results.

The official newsletter “Vibrations” of the AMTA South Bay unit California published the above commentary.

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