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The case presentation, the incredible power of manual acceleration of lymphatic drainage

When I arrived in the United States, the use of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) was initially limited to reducing lymphedema size. However, long ago, I was trained in performing full-body MLD for the sole purpose of detoxification. To avoid repetition, I will provide links to my articles at the end of this writing, which include detailed explanations.


It might seem strange to title a professionally oriented piece "KISS," but this was necessary to convey the article's message. I will also explain what KISS stands for, and I hope you understand that my intention is solely to support the message of my writing. Approximately 18 years ago, a hypertension patient whom I had successfully treated and helped to sustain normal blood pressure referred another patient to me.

Attn: Healthcare Professionals. This is not about us; it's about people who are suffering.

Recently, I spoke with a knowledgeable colleague who shared a troubling story. In a professional massage Facebook group, an educator demonstrated a dangerously intensive technique involving compressing and massaging the carotid artery's sinuses. My friend commented, warning that this technique is dangerous and contraindicated. As a result, the group admin blocked my friend, stating, "You cannot criticize an internationally renowned educator publicly. If you disagree, you should contact him privately to avoid hurting his feelings."

My new Master Class

“when treating intervertebral disc herniation cases, in medical massage approach,the specific clinical assessment cannot be overstated. Not the size of the herniation, as well as not an a intensity of pain determining my treatment plan strategy. For me prior to start soft tissue examinations, as well as treatment, important to find out if patient didn't lose reflexes, such as developments of incontinence, as well as different forms of areflexia. In most cases, reflexes remain intact, and surgery is recommended only due to very intense pain. In such cases, our treatment can make a significant difference in a short period of time."

Judge for yourself. It's as simple as this.

My master class will soon be available. As we speak, I'm crafting articles and explanations for the master class. Here's a brief excerpt from an upcoming article.

” In this writing, I would like to share my personal views on the structure and meaning of a master class. Most likely, everyone would agree that a master class is a session where an experienced professional shares their knowledge with others who have an interest in learning from a particular expert..."

Shall we talk about manual therapy?

From the author:

Like today's writing, I have never written such a controversial opinion piece. In my opinion, it's There's nothing in between, including, but not limited to, no room for any demagoguery, just a reality check.

One of my followers, who prefers to remain anonymous, forwarded the report to me. Please read below

Accent vs. Knowledge

My first visit to the United States of America was in 1984. I was hired by an Olympian to manage his preparation and participation in the Olympic Games. I could hear languages from around the world; of course, this being the Olympics, the biggest international sports competition, there were representatives from many countries. This Olympian also hired an American physical rehabilitative sports medicine expert—a wonderful doctor and a great expert. Since then, we have developed a lifelong friendship.

Mind Corruption in the Massage Field

In the pursuit of advancing our professional standing within the massage field and enhancing our ability to alleviate the suffering of others, I feel compelled to speak my mind. I offer these thoughts not as a personal attack but as an expression of my opinion.

I believe the term "corruption" encompasses a multitude of synonyms. Thus, in this discourse, I aim to be unequivocally clear when I employ the term "corruption," particularly within the context of the massage field.

First Steps in Learning Medical and Sports Massage

Thank you for visiting my educational website on medical and sports massage. As you can see, I offer self-paced as well as instructional courses, including but not limited to Continuing Education (CE) courses , just instructional without certificate of completion.

Deep and Dark Secrets of Medical Massage

As an instructor, I often witness a curious phenomenon. Many massage therapists expect me to disclose some "deep and dark secrets" of mine; some "magic" spot on the client’s body where they can press and relieve clients from suffering. When faced with such idiosyncrasy, I always experience a feeling of peace and power. These practitioners seek truth about massage, and it is very easy to teach them the truth about the power of massage.

Medical Massage in the Management of Brain Dysfunction/Encephalopathy

In today's writing, I will dedicate my focus to brain dysfunction, whether it be from brain trauma or so-called Communicating Hydrocephalus, which is responsible for brain dysfunction. Below is my article on the medical massage protocol in post-concussion rehabilitation. If you listen carefully to Jodie’s post-concussion patient-reported outcome presentation, as well as to Paulina's, Gwynne’s, Kat’s, and Kathy’s stress-related case presentations...

Medical massage for cases of herniated, ruptured, slipped, or bulging disks

Following the publication of my recent article titled "Claiming Evidence-based Massage Practice," a knowledgeable colleague of mine made a comment that I found appreciable: " I appreciate you being open to colleagues’ thoughts and feedback. 
I briefly scanned the linked article and regarding your summary, “Now days,no massage practitioner should or can consider themselves advanced practitioners, without capability to perform medical stress management massage.”

Claiming Evidence-based massage practice

The expression "the only truths will set us free" applies to many life situations, but it's especially relevant in the massage field . We are the only occupation in healthcare that stimulates the healing process through touch. We work from insight, leaving no room for pretense or making up clinically unproven methods. If massage therapists pretend otherwise, it creates barriers that hinder their ability to practice the healing art freely.

A powerful factor that causes cancer tumors to disappear

In my writing on a clinical approach to holism, I emphasized the necessity of defining healthcare fields and, when clinicians discuss holism, specifically relating to treatment methods before explaining the holistic approach. Otherwise, it would be mere talk on holism, described as "no patient benefits intellectual demagoguery."

Clinical depression and sleep disorders: which comes first?

That's the topic of our discussion today as we delve into the realm of clinical depression, specifically major depressive disorder. It's akin to the age-old question: "What comes first, the chicken or the egg?" In this case, does clinical depression precede sleep disorders, thus triggering them? 

Myofascial tissue?

Modern conventional medicine has reached fantastic levels. Like 40 years ago, only in science fiction books could we read about lung, heart, kidney, and other organ transplantations. Today, surgeons perform them routinely. It's not science fiction anymore. Having said that, conventional methods of medicine are practically helpless when it comes to treating muscular syndromes.

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