Deep and Dark Secret

by: Boris Prilutsky

As an instructor I often witness quite a curious phenomenon. Many massage therapists expect me to disclose some “deep and dark secrets” of mine; some “magic” spot on the client’s body where they can press and relief clients from suffering. When I am faced with such an idiosyncrasy, I always experience a feeling of peace and power. These practitioners seek truth about massage and it is very easy to teach them that truth about power of massage. It is easy for me to share with them and give a detailed explanation of “secrets” and clinical results that came to me through my over 40 years of clinical experience and through experiences of my teachers and students. To summarize these “secrets” in a couple of words in order to acquire a healing power a practitioner should:

  1. To understand (do not confuse with memorizing) abnormality that he or she is treating
  2. To understand the importance of adjusting your energy status in order to protect yourself from the negative influence of client’s energy as well as to be able to incorporate your “energy work” into treatment.
  3. To deeply understand how your touch affects physiological processes in human body.
  4. To avoid treating our work as hard labor but being able to see it as a art of healing.
  5. To learn step-by-step protocols.

Below is the content of my book ”Simple approach to massage therapy. Part 1” In my book I’m sharing you the “secrets” of massage therapy in great details. This book is the ultimate guideline for those therapists who are driven by passion for our occupation.

  • Forward
  • What is Medical Massage
  • History of the modern Medical Massage
  • Keep it Simple
  • Science of massage and energy work
  • Reaction vs. Aggravation
  • Guidelines: How to study Medical Massage
  • Twelve Kneading/Petrissage techniques
  • Full Body Medical Stress-management massage
  • Technical Steps for Full Body Medical Stress-Management massage
  • Video Encyclopedia of Medical massage
  • Sports Injuries Self-Management
  • About The Author
  • Testimonials

Boris Prilutsky

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