Kneading Hands Massage

by: Boris Prilutsky

Medical Massage posits twelve basic hand-on kneading techniques but only five or six are commonly used in common practice. That said, we believe that massage practitioners should know and be able to properly execute all twelve of these techniques.

The main power of massage therapy derives from its reflexive effects on the nervous and circulatory systems. More information regarding the mechanisms of massage therapy are provided in chapters “Full Body Medical Stress Management Massage” and “Science of Massage and Energy Work”. Kneading techniques are responsible for awakening many therapeutic reflexes. These occur as a reaction to the stimuli our hands initiate when through kneading; they cause massive deformation of proprioreceptors. Kneading creates an electrical potential as a result of deformation of proprioceptors located in the skin, fascia and muscles. Many research studies support the notion that for the best results, at least 50-60% of the massage therapy procedure must be spent performing kneading. This is true regardless which type of massage you practice, whether it is full body stress management massage, sport massage, orthopedic massage or treatment for asthma. It is also vital to note that unless otherwise indicated, all kneading techniques should include at least 3 or 4 mobilization movements in each area before working on the next area.

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