What type of massage therapy should doctors refer their patients for treatments? Part 2

by: Boris Prilutsky

Usually when I write articles, I try to offer some practical material, discuss different protocols and give advices in subjects related to science of massage therapy. In this article I will share my knowledge and offer practical steps on how to contact medical community, became member of a team and together contribute to well-being of general public.

As I promised at Part 1 of this article, I have spent some time reviewing the original research article: ”Massage Therapy Attenuates Inflammatory Signaling After Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage.

In my opinion this is a great work and actually places us at a position of significance within the health care system. At the time of reading the original paper, it was obvious why editorial board of Science Translational Medicine, accepted this work for publication.

Simply speaking, they went straight to muscle biopsies genetic analysis before injury, after injury, and then after leg was massaged. This is a very simple approach in getting the answers, and at the same time, it is a very acceptable high standards for research approach.

Mark Tarnopolsky, MD, PhD: “This study provides evidence that manipulative therapies, such as massage, may be justifiable in medical practice.”

As I hope it was clear from the Part 1 of this article, because of bad economy, massage therapeutic community won’t survive on its own, unless we start receiving referrals from medical doctors, physical therapists, and other healthcare professionals.

I would encourage you to approach medical community, and am positive that, in most cases, it would accept you as a member of integrative medicine team.

Consider also that nowadays the concept of integrative medicine is employed without necessity to present at the same facility physically. One of the options is to became a team member in a referral ring. Having said this, if you have the opportunity, join the establishment where integrative medicine concept is applied in practice such as medical, physical therapy, chiropractor facilities. In most cases medical doctors are gatekeepers, who refer to different experts. Lately more and more physical therapists and chiropractors, organize integrative medicine setups, including offering physical presence, or just accepting you to the ring of referrals.

Now, when you contact medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, for referrals, you should state that on February 1 2012 Science Translational Medicine published a research article called “Massage Therapy Attenuates Inflammatory Signaling After Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage.”

Point out some conclusions made by scientists who conducted this research:

Dr. Melov: “Our research showed that massage dampened the expression of inflammatory cytokines in the muscle cells and promoted biogenesis of mitochondria, which are the energy-producing units in the cells, the pain reduction associated with massage may involve the same mechanism as those targeted by conventional anti-inflammatory drugs.”

Provide a call for action

Please refer me the people who suffer from chronic inflammatory condition of support and movement system, as well as from sprain/strain type injuries. My treatment is also powerful in management of fibromyalgia syndrome and in stress management.

It is very important to state, that you have license and possess your own professional liability insurance.

Dear colleagues. Not only that I believe, but I know that doctors would consider referring patients to you or, possibly, would invite you to join facility. This would happen not only because of the powerful message affirmed in the conclusion of this research, but primarily because they were published in the Science Translational Medicine.

For better understanding of the importance of such publication, in the end of this article, I would like to offer link to the fibromyalgia article.

In this article Dr. Ross and I, described fibromyalgia symptoms as a results of ATP crisis, and in regards to biogenesis of mitochondria, essentially, offered a very similar to Dr. Melov’s explanation, including many of the same references.

Our article was published in 2004. Why didn’t it have just as powerful resonance within medical community? Was it ahead of its time? The real answer is: it hasn’t been published in Science Translational Medicine or similar authoritative medical publication. In this day of age there are many self-proclaimed “innovators” that skillfully market their “new” ideas. The task of reputable publications is to filter out such ideas and publish only those that are supported by real research. That’s why medical doctors accept only data that are published in certain reputable publications like Science Translational Medicine. I should add that Science Translational Medicine only publishes articles that are based on the personal research and while as our article was based upon referenced research that wasn’t conducted outside of the United States.

Coming back to Tornopolsky/Melov’s article, many medical doctors I know, contacted and congratulated me: ”Now it would be much easier for you to present your case to the medical community.”

Indeed, Tornopolsky/Melov’s research article opened up new opportunities for the massage therapy community at large. Let me explain you why.

Soon the free preview of “Medical orthopedic massage/physical therapy aide/chiropractor assistant program” will become available.

In one of the segments, I explained how massage triggers anti-inflammatory reaction/response similar to those produced by conventional anti-inflammatory drugs, and hydrocortisone injections. But since most of the footage was produced 20 years ago, this conclusion wasn’t supported by Science Translational Medicine or similar publication. Therefore my conclusion wouldn’t have found broad recognition and support. But now, because of this publication, good days are ahead of us!

When you will write a proposal to a doctor for patient referrals don’t forget to mention the following practical considerations. The fee for 35 to 40 min orthopedic massage session is $50, and in order to achieve stable results patients need to receive approximately 10 treatments.

Please point out that only copayments, for physical therapy office visits average $30 to $40. If you explain this mathematics to a patient, somehow, the cost perceptions could be changed, especially when we fundamentally change conditions to the better.

Also, it is good to mention expenses for prescribed and not prescribed painkillers, sleeping pills and other medications.

Of course, no amount of publications are going to matter unless we deliver results. And results are achieved by the proper application of scientifically developed protocols and techniques such as those I propose in my soon coming program. You are welcome to take a look at the menu schema of this medical massage educational video,

Medical orthopedic massage/physical therapy aide/chiropractor assistant program menu.

As you’ll see, the medical massage educational video contains comprehensive hands-on demonstration, and detailed explanations. Practically, at this home program, I will teach how to address causes that producing, pain and dysfunction, therefore appropriately applied protocol of orthopedic massage will produce sustained results and these results will be achieved in short periods of time.

At this point in the article I’d like to share with you that I’m itching to write the part 3 of “What type of massage therapy should doctors choose to refer their patience for treatments????”

I hope that very soon, when I will offer you Part 3 of this article, it will include link to free preview of my four hours nonstop hands-on demonstration and detail explanation. Please feel free to ask questions. I’ll think through answer them and include them in the part 3 alone with further good practical advises.

Best wishes.


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