A little bit of good is in every bad

When your office flooded, it isn't a pleasant experience but not a tragedy either.

As you understood from my previous blog “show must go on” a week ago at the day of seminar my office, including the classroom was flooded. This is surely not a great news.  I cannot see my patients, cannot conduct seminars and cannot film videos.

But looking at this event philosophically - it could have been much worse.

The boiler could have exploded, this could have happen at a time I treat clients, and so on.  As Anton Chekhov has put it nicely “If you have tooth ache – rejoice that it’s not all your teeth, if your wife betrayed you – rejoice that she didn't betray your country and if you are going to prison – rejoice that you are not going to hell.”

Actually I wasn't aware of the fact that the boiler was directly atop of my office. Now I made sure that boiler would not be above my office anymore, which means what has happen would never happened again.

In addition I requested from a landlord to provide me with safety report in regards to the entire installation, within my office and other facilities connected to my space, including  installation of the special device that will regulate water pressure, which was the main cause for the boiler incident.

Participants of workshop, who have arrived and have witnessed what has happened, advised to take pictures, and videos. These were great and useful advises  especially at the moment of initial bewilderment.  Also I have learned that we have to carefully check our insurance coverage. Not only it must include the professional livability coverage, but also wages lost, property damages, etc.  Let's learn from my experience and others, in order not to get hurt.

Everyone who can add some advises and can share your experiences are welcome to post.

Summarizing, the greatest news of that day was that the landlord have provided me with the space to conduct of what turned out to be the very successful seminar.  All what happened since then and is happening now is not a very comfortable:  I am not able to see clients. On the good side soon I will have beautiful, safe and practically brand-new office.

Best wishes.


P.S. Dear friends,

I'm not the major partner in my company, and is mainly responsible for educational materials.  However I'm always  aware of my management company plans and I did influence them to offer a significant discounts on self treatments medical massage educational videos. I can assure you this is very useful material, and would recommend to take advantage on this special offer to purchase all 8 medical massage educational videos for $100 only. It soon will be end  for this great and generous offer. Take advantage /products/ceu-volumes-programs/.

It is official. Very soon prices on silicon jars will be increased at least on 25%. The wholesale on this jars had increased 28%. Please take advantage and purchase it. 

From MedicalMassage–edu.com, LLC support team.

Soon the release of Boris’ medical massage educational video “Prilutsky’s Method of Silicone Massage. Upper & Lower back disorders” is going to take place.

The medical massage educational video is going to cover incorporation of silicone jar massage for the Lower Back disorders, including:

  • Sciatic Nerve Neuralgia/ Piriformis Muscle syndrome
  • Hamstring
  • Quadriceps
  • Knee
  • Calf
  • Plantar fasciitis

and Upper Back Disorders including:

  • Thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Rotator Calf syndrome
  • Golf & Tennis Elbow
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The suggested retail price of this medical massage educational video will be 49.95 +7 dollars shipping and handling.

However, as and promotional effort, the first 200 medical massage educational videos, just to cover production cost, will be sold for $15 + $7 shipping and handling on first come first served bases.

If you would have an interest in learning from this medical massage educational video please write us to support@medicalmassage-edu.com 

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