Abdominal / Visceral Massage

Between 30 to 35% of the left atria output is providing blood supply to the abdominal cavity. The same amount of venous blood has to be drained.

Stress negatively affects the functions of all of the body's organs and systems, including but not limited to natural venous blood drainage in the abdominal cavity. In case drainage is disturbed, much of the venous blood is accumulated. This abnormal state is called STASIS of the venous blood.

Stasis automatically disturbs the arterial blood supply. Once this blood supply is compromised, a negative snowball effect occurs, including inflammations within the abdominal cavity and various functional abnormalities such as diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, infertility, PMS, prostatitis or pre-existing pathological conditions may worsen.

In addition, venous stasis causes acid reflux disease. The lower esophageal sphincter is a valve that separates the stomach. Under normal circumstances it closes once food passes through this valve. However, due to venous stasis, lymphedemas, etc., this valve does not close entirely or opens up frequently. Therefore stomach acids move to and through the sphincter.

Besides disturbing the metabolic process within the abdominal cavity, venous blood stasis also fails to prevent bacterial infections from accumulating in the abdominal cavity.

For example, secondary to gastritis, venous stasis often leads to the development of bacterial infections and causes stomach ulcers. In some cases this chronic inflammatory condition can also trigger cancer development within the abdominal cavity.

Note: A non-septic inflammation is the body's attempt to overcome an insufficiency of the arterial blood supply. In this case the body reacts by producing acute inflammation. If the compromised amount of blood supply will be not restored, this inflammation gradually becomes chronic.

As a part of chronic inflammation, adhesions will often develop and the organs' dysfunction will worsen. Abdominal/visceral massage is the most powerful methodology in addressing venous blood stasis, reducing lymphedema, which promotes arterial blood supply.

This is a direct therapeutic technique to eliminate the inflammatory diseases described above. This includes the restoration of lower esophageal sphincter function and the elimination of its symptoms, preventing stomach acids from moving to and through the sphincter.

By achieving the above-mentioned goals, we improve the functions of the inner organs, including tension reduction within the smooth muscles of abdominal structures, and the resulting reduction of abdominal and lower back pain. Importantly, we are also restoring functions of the affected organs and systems.

Abdominal/visceral massage contributes to stress management, but full-body stress management massage should be considered in order to maintain an improved health condition.

The proposed techniques of connective tissue massage/fascia mobilization are necessary techniques in order to release tension within the fascia. These techniques must also be utilized even when the fascia does not exhibit tension. This is necessary because fascia is a very biologically active tissue and its stimulation leads to multiple positive changes in the functions of the body's organs and systems. These positive changes are synonymous with the healing process.

Medical Massage, including protocols of abdominal visceral massage, is not a remedy to all diseases. Rather, it is an extremely powerful therapeutic tool and must be incorporated alone with other medical procedures for most diseases. In the cases of abdominal visceral disorders, most pathological developments are the result of venous blood stasis and lymphedema.

Compared to abdominal/visceral massage, no other existing health care procedure, including medications, can attain such rapid elimination of venous stasis and reduction of lymphedema size. Elimination of the above-mentioned abnormalities promotes arterial blood supply, which is the gold-standard treatment of diseases in the abdominal cavity.

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