European Cranio-sacral Massage

European cranio-sacral therapy was developed by Bulgarian scientist Boris Ivanov MD PhD. In 1966 he completed research on the subject and proposed the concept of relation between spinal mechanical disturbances and development of spinal degenerative diseases. He was searching for the way to improve performances of professional athletes, prevent spinal column sports related injuries and, disproportional to the young age, development of degenerative disease in spine by improvement of spinal bio-mechanics.

He called his methodology clinical bio-mechanics/cranio-sacral therapy. During his study he found out that spinal movement segments that are repeating themselves and creating entire spine are related from the prospective of bio-mechanics. For example if any segment of cervical spine because of sublaxation or any other reason would be blocked/limited in movement, other segments that are located below or above would start compensating this limitation in spinal movement by becoming hyper mobile. At the same time other divisions of thoracic or lumbar spine will change their bio-mechanics; some will become hyper mobile some will become blocked /limited in movement. In additional professor Ivanov found out that sacrum division of spinal column plays very important role in movements of cerebral spinal fluids, which is supporting disposals of metabolic waste from CNS, similar to the lymphatic system that responsible from disposals of metabolic waste from other body components .In normal spinal biomechanical function, sacrum moves only in anterior- posterior directions, which prevents cerebral spinal fluids stagnation. In case of spinal biomechanical disturbances, motion of sacrum is limited and moves to the different axes and planes. Insufficient biomechanics of sacrum not only pre-exposes one to degenerative spinal diseases, but also disturbing CNS local metabolism on level of cerebral spinal fluids causing calcification of brain cells, blockage of cerebral spinal fluid drainage ” pipes “/pathways , initiating and stimulating progression of Alzheimer disease and more. Restoration of spinal mechanics, not only prevents sports related injuries and spinal dystrophic diseases, but also normalizes cerebral spinal fluids drainage, sustaining pressure, pushing big volumes of cerebral spinal fluid, stimulating metabolic waste disposal from CNS, as well as increasing nutritional supply to the brain. For many years and due to massive utilization Dr.Ivanov's clinical bio-mechanics/ cranio-sacral therapy proven to be safe and effective treatment for spinal biomechanical corrections, that in turn is leading to prevention of sports related injuries, slows down degenerative changes within spine, and seemingly prevents the developments of dimensions,/ Alzheimer’s disease, etc.

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