Lesson #5 Medical Massage Self-Stress Management

In this lesson Boris provides a detailed explanation on how stress debilitates human health, including mechanism of development of anxieties, high blood pressure, hypertension, sleep disorders, insomnia, snoring, diabetes type 2, clinical depression and TMJ dysfunction. He also explains how hands-on protocols of Medical Massage and Self Massage can help preventing and managing these pandemics stress related illnesses of the modern era.

Proposed techniques also can be very beneficial and contributing to comfort and well-being for patients, who suffer from mesothelioma, and other types of cancer, especially at time of remission and recoveries. Many studies and clinical observation suggest that at the time of chemotherapy, utilization of massage boosts energy and helps to keep it at a higher level, increases appetite, fights off depression, anxiety. Not less importantly, massage techniques also improve much-needed immune system functions.

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