The role of Medical massage in cases Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is the disorder characterized by an urge to move in order to stop uncomfortable sensations. Pains usually intensify during the period of relaxation; reading, studying, or an attempt to sleep. It is important to remember that classic RLS symptoms include limb jerking during sleep, which is a main objective physiological marker of RLS.

Growing pains (GP) during teen years, demonstrate the same symptoms such as urge to move in order to stop uncomfortable sensations when attempting to sleep. However, GP do not demonstrate increase in pain sensation when relaxing, reading, or studying, during the day.

Most importantly GP, as many other disorders, do not demonstrate legs jerking during sleep. For example, people suffering from Thromboangiitis obliteraans a.k.a Buerger's disease, at nighttime can experience similar symptoms, including painful muscular cramps. Patients with diabetes often suffer from blood vessel pathologies (diabetic angiopathy.)

In addition to vascular spasms and narrowing of the arterial lumen, the arteries and the capillary network can undergo significant pathological changes. Such changes can produce symptoms similar to RLS. Often, people suffering from so-called "Charley Horse" report symptoms similar to RLS. Similarly, people suffering from nocturnal leg cramps, when, few fibers of muscle may be in cramp, report absolutely the same symptoms as RLS.

Massage therapy can play a serious role in any of the above mentioned conditions. In the following series of video clips Boris proposes special massage techniques that can be helpful for those suffering from aforementioned syndromes.

The common symptoms of all mentioned disorders are: the reaction of leg muscles to vigorous exercise exhaustion, urge to move, sensitivity of muscles to pressure and some other. In the following series of clips Boris proposes techniques that usually utilized for athlete's rehabilitation from exercise side effects. These techniques proved to be advantageous in recovery from exhausted, sensitive and painful muscles and therefore are beneficial in cases of restless leg syndrome.

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