A very interesting observation on post-concussion patient

Approximately 50 days ago I received a post-concussion patient who was 56 years old male. He experienced a severe concussion, lost conscious, paramedics brought him to ER and was hospitalized for five days, demonstrating classical symptoms of a severe concussion. His doctor trusted me enough to refer him for my care a week after the incident. By my recommendation, the doctor tested his autonomic activities and, as it was predicted, it showed irregularities of autonomic activities. Once upon a time, doctors used a tilt table to administer an autonomic test. Today technology allowed much more precise tests.

During the first ten treatments, it became obvious, objectively and subjectively, that the patient’s condition has improved. He experienced fewer headaches, displayed improved focus, could sleep better, etc.

A repeated test, after ten treatments, showed improvements from the point of view of irregular autonomic activities. After completion of fifteen treatments, I have discharged him for two weeks.

Actually, Prof. Dembo believed that in order to sustain results the first 15 treatments should be followed by a two-week break. Then after the next 15 treatments a 3 weeks break, should be followed by the final 15 treatments. This approach was implemented while providing in treatments for back and limb disorders and for concussion cases. Giving to the fact that Professor Dembo mainly worked with Olympians, who were engaged in extremely vigorous and demanding training, this approach was necessary.

When it comes to “regular” people, those who are not subjected to an extreme physical strain and in cases of concussions, I believe that in order to sustain results, i.e. to prevent brain dysfunction developments, the frame of 30 treatments is sufficient.

In a case of sports-related injuries, providing we are not talking about professional athletes or Olympians, 15 treatments are sufficient as well.

Unfortunately, during the two weeks of break, a patient subjected to another trauma.  Once during a strong wind, while attempting to close the door of his house, the patient was struck on his head by the door. He didn't lose consciously, but by all means sustained a second concussion. A repeated concussion is considered to be even more damaging than the original one. To understand why repeated concussions inflicting, even more, damage please review this video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okv-F-55tFE

Naturally, all the post-concussion symptoms came back. The test showed significant irregularities of autonomic activities. Thus, again we had to start from the square one. Little by little 5 treatments helped him and he started feeling better. In the course of this series of 15 treatments, exactly like during the first series of 15 treatments, during each 40-45 minutes treatment, two or three times I performed the test reflecting autonomic activities.

The name of this test is Dermographism. Dr.Ross Turchaninov, can you please post an explanation. For me, this is significant effort to type with one finger LOL.

This is quite a reliable test, allowing to assess sympathetic in parasympathetic domination.  By changing the technical approach we practically can suppress sympathetic activities and, in some cases, to suppress parasympathetic activities.

Of course, the final goal is during numerous treatments is to balance sympathetic in parasympathetic activities and as much as possible.

This time around my patient complained that after the second concussion he experienced a lot of discomfort in his stomach. His doctor recommended to eat less acidic food, but in any case, he wasn’t feeling well.

During the first five treatments, every 15 minutes Dermographism test showed significant irregular autonomic activities. At the same time, in the course of the last five treatment, Dermographism test provided the evidence of an increase in parasympathetic activities. The last five treatment I performed with a pre-event sports massage type of intensity. Usually, Dermographism test shows some improvement after this type of massage. I understood that post-concussion is a complicated condition and didn't expect significant changes in the test. Suddenly I’ve gotten a startling idea to perform an abdominal massage. As soon as I started introductory part of it the patient started a non-stop burping! He tried to apologize, but I assured him that this was a positive reaction and encouraged him to continue burping and not worry about anything.

I continued my usual routine of abdominal massage, with the difference that I started from anterior wall/abdominal cavity. He burped nonstop during 10 minutes, and then suddenly stopped. I have continued to massage for an additional 10 minutes and then just compelled by my intuition, performed for 10 minutes of Manchurian acupressure.

My client said: ”Boris, you’ve released something.”  I answered “Whatever works” and immediately I felt a bit exhausted but very relieved.

I repeated Dermographism test.  Amazingly, it showed close to normal autonomic activities.

I hope Dr. Ross is available and will explain the principles of Dermographism test.

Now, let me share my thoughts about what happened. However, first please view this video, where three neurologists explaining autonomic dysfunction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pka7nhDKA3U

I believe that this intensive changes in activities were caused by smooth muscle constrictions and dysfunction within peristaltic. Subsequently, this peristaltic insufficiency fueled parasympathetic activities, as well as, discomfort within the stomach.

Fellow members, he has gotten better, I would say much better after the first and then the following few abdominal / visceral massage procedures. Dr. Ross and others, do you have any explanation, for frequent intensive burping, and then significant improvement including plus minus normal Dermographism test? I am curious to know.

Most importantly, of course, is that my client has gotten significantly better. By the way, when I treated the first concussion he didn't complain about stomach discomfort and has gotten much better without abdominal / visceral massage. This experience is just another proof that we must approach each case individually.

Again, just curious to know opinions. Ross, please, find the time.

Thank you,

Best wishes,


Another interesting point.  Lately, I'm being referred many concussion patients. I didn't include an abdominal massage, and all went well, I achieved the results. However, from now on, I will include abdominal massage as a part of my massage protocol for concussions, just in case. It cannot harm but can help. There is always a room for improvement.

Members who have rented major rehabilitation from concussion massage protocol, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkDgkp9Z0D4&feature=iv&src_vid=okv-F-55tFE&annotation_id=annotation_1661581881 please contact us and we will send you a link to abdominal visceral massage hands-on video.

During the next couple of days when time will permit, my partner will include abdominal visceral massage video, within concussion instructional rental. 

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