Addressing lateral abdominal walls

During my career, I had had many opportunities to provide successful treatments for people who suffered from essential hypertension. Although for some reason in the United States hypertension, secondary to vertebral artery syndrome, is also considered to be essential hypertension. In any case, when I deal with this syndrome, I have succeeded in most cases to achieve stable results.

A year ago, a doctor referred to me 62 years old man, who suffered from uncontrollable essential hypertension. Usually, when medications don’t work, I suspect vertebral artery irritation/sympathetic plexus irritation.

Numerous times I applied the protocol for vertebral artery syndrome. Based on my previous experiences, a patient could and should report some subjective evidence of improvement, like feeling calmer and exhibiting the ability to have a better sleep.  At the same time, the objective indicators also showed an improvement, i.e. blood pressure measurement showed at least a little slightly reduced blood pressure.

Nothing like this has happened after eight treatments with this patient; no even slightest evidence that treatment worked. This realization unpleasantly surprised me and decided to spend a bit extra time on lower extremities including lateral toes massage.

Even after 11 treatments, I didn’t observe any positive changes. This was aberrant. Suddenly, it crossed my mind that in one of the conversations I had with Dr. Ross Turchaninov, he suggested amending the protocols for essential hypertension with Lateral abdominal walls massage.

Because I had success even without it, I forgot about his advice. However, with the current patient, I decided to include Lateral abdominal walls massage in the essential hypertension protocol.

After I provided only one treatment, the results were astounding! Altogether, I provided an additional 14 treatments for this patient, including Lateral abdominal walls massage in his treatment protocol.

During the last year, while treating patients suffering from essential hypertension, as an experiment, I included Lateral abdominal walls massage or only my old massage protocol. I concluded that lateral abdominal walls massage only, is not effective in stabilizing essential hypertension, at the same time for better and faster results one must include lateral abdominal walls massage in the protocol for essential hypertension. Claiming from experience, spending on average seven minutes on each side is effective.

To read more on the role of massage in the management of essential hypertension, please click this link

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