Are trigger points real, or this is false claim that has no clinical value?

Lately much discussion transpires on trigger points. Something like

Are trigger points real?

What are trigger points?

What is the mechanism of trigger points therapy; how it work?

Is it necessary to include trigger point therapy when providing medical /orthopedic massage?

In the end of my commentary you'll find a brief scientific review on the subject, but prior to reading it, I would like to offer some additional layman considerations.

From our own experiences we know that sometime when we experience pain at any reachable part of our body, by instinct we try finding pinpoint localization of pain, as well as by instinct compressing it and experiencing somewhat good feeling or so-called healing pain.

These facts are supported by real life experiences. Would like to ask the opponents of this notion, whoever claims that there is no such a thing as trigger points.  Is it real pinpoint localization of pain we people find and compress them by instinct? How would you then call pinpoint localization of pain?

Now talking from research and clinical points of view. Medical/orthopedic massage is not a new methodology of treatment.

Medical massage was initially researched and proposed in 1936 by the Russian physician Anatoli Sherbak, M.D., Ph.D. About 20 years later, two German physicians, Dr. Glezer and Dr. Dalicho, developed maps of reflex zones abnormalities in the skin, fascia, muscles, and periosteum. Their work was based on the database of Dr. Sherbak. The first edition of the textbook by Drs. Glezer and Dalicho was published in 1955. Reflex zones maps of Drs. Glezer and Dalicho help tremendously to detect/to locate and to address the above-mentioned abnormalities in cases of support and movement system as well as in cases of inner organs diseases. Since then this methodology was massively applied clinically, including hospital-based programs, outpatient clinics, the matter of fact , utilization of medical and sports massage, contributed tremendously to win most of the Olympian gold medals, from the period of 1960s-1980s. Mention above reflex zones abnormalities in the skin, fascia, muscles, and periosteum, is actually painful local areas, containing tension within fascia, muscles etc. all these painful areas, containing pinpoint pain localizations/trigger points. at article link I am proposing, you will find explanation on morphology of trigger points and more. No need to repeat all. Also in my two weeks ago published blog click here to read Simplicity and extreme healing power of massage therapy

I have explained why injections into the trigger points provide only temporary relief of symptoms. For better understanding of the treatment concept, I would recommend to read it again. It is impossible to reach results in cases of painful orthopedic disorders, if we will not provide adequate treatment including trigger point therapy.

Any scientifically and not scientifically developed protocols must be clinically proven as an working concept for a long time. Otherwise all can be scientifically sounds but will not work. You can have lots of references, but it will be only theoretical concepts, if clinically it will be not proven working.  I am claiming the necessity to provide adequate treatment as was explained in Simplicity and extreme healing power of massage therapy  based on clinically proven necessities to address abnormalities in the skin, fascia, muscles, and periosteum, as well as to provide trigger point therapy.

Those practitioners who deny the existence of trigger points and/or not addressing myofascial dysfunctions and trigger points, only inhibite trigger points, converting them to sleeping trigger points. What I have stated in this commentary, in my blogs, presented on my medical massage educational videos and other materials, is a longtime clinically and/or scientifically proven fact.

Please feel free to post any questions. Also please find link to medical massage books page by Dr. Ross Turchanonov. They are great texts. Books also including all Dr. Glezer and Dr. Dalicho, maps of reflex zones abnormalities in the skin, fascia, muscles, and periosteum. 

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