I believe we all naturally born, it's just important to realize.

20 years ago I have established the school in LA - Institute of professional practical therapy, school of massage physical therapy aid, and chiropractor assistant program. 3 years ago I sold my school and now it’s South California health institute.  Now it’s a much bigger school and much broader program even though the fundamentals of this programs are the same - all general education training composes about 20 percent of the course time leaving 80 percent to hands on training.

On June 6th  2013 I was invited to address the alumni reunion of all the school’s past generations of graduates.

In trying to prepare for this event my thoughts were in disarray.  Indeed what could I possibly tell people, some of whom had already 15 or 20 years of experience?  So I hoped that when I see the people and feel their energy I would find the right words.

When I arrived and was asked to speak that’s exactly what happened.  I shared with my audience my life long quest to find out why people chose the profession of massage therapist?

Many years ago I conducted my own research.  Surely, I asked this questions only when the personal relationship between the teacher and the student were built to made sure that students would frankly speak their minds.

Many responses fell into several categories.  One of them was that a person lost his or her job and seeing the ad from a massage school decided to try it.  The other one was attracted by free schedule demonstrated by the neighbor who was massage therapist.  It gave a possibility to earn some additional income on evenings and weekend.  One more was that a friend advised to become a massage therapist and many more similar variations.

Eventually I came to the conclusion that what people were telling me was their conscious answer.  Our subconscious mind is much more powerful.  According to Karl Young, compared to unconscious mind the conscious mind is like the nut shell compares to the ocean.  This means that mostly we make similar decisions on subconscious level.

Millions of people can see the ads of massage therapy schools and not reacting on them even if they lost a job, have neighbor working as massage therapist or look for a new career and only few of them decided to enroll into a massage school.  I believe that those few people are naturally programmed to place our hands on people and to heal them by means of massage.  It is very important to remember that we have a proclivity to heal with our hands.  Conscious realization of this phenomenon immediately gives you a different energy when you start performing massage procedure.

If each of us would think of what I was saying at this reunion, probably somehow we would get to the same conclusion.

When I finished talking, I felt the energy of all the 200+ people at the alumni.  It was the union of understanding and positive energy.  Then I added that all the people in the alumni essentially practice the same methodology, the same techniques etc.  But the scientifically developed healing art is like any art - everyone is expresses him/herself differently.  Understanding this will greatly affect the treatment outcome and would make a therapist to love his/her occupation even more.

I felt that these words felt deeply in the hearts of everyone.  When I came off the podium people in the audience started to hug me, hug each other and give each other high fives without talking.  As I told you I wasn't prepared for that speech, but when it came out it so naturally, it came through as so important, and became so unifying that, for a moment, it made brotherhood of massage therapists come to life.  The massage therapy isn't only about techniques, no matter how great they are, and it isn't only about theoretical concepts.  Not less important is the realization that we are artists, who chose this occupation not by accident, but because we were wired to do this since birth.

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