Increase in blood supply triggered by massage

The existence of Vasomotor Reflexes /increase of blood supply triggered by massage therapy was originally shown by Prof. Zabludovsky (1913) who used a plethsymograph to register the phenomenon.

10 years ago I have repeated the same protocol at Beverly vascular laboratory. Pulse Volume Recording (PVR) Photopletismograph and Termography were used to compare arterial blood circulation. The largest changes were registered in PVR. What is important about this study is that all measurements were conducted in the lower extremity opposite to the massaged one.

Let's review the data from one of the subjects. The original value of PVR in the lower right extremity of the subject was 0.73. I have provided massage to the subject for 15 minutes and the PVR almost immediately started to climb. At the end of 15 minutes PVR on the lower extremity was 1.22. Thus arterial blood perfusion was almost doubled compared to the previous value of 0.73. I have stopped procedure but, PVR continued to climb, and at the end of the second hour it was 1.63. It means if we provide massage to people who suffer from extremity fractures, or after surgeries on extremities, by massaging the extremity not affected by surgery or fracture, you are significantly stimulating the healing process, preventing self infections, reducing the duration of hospitalization and days of disability. A clinical prove is necessary. Otherwise any theory, however beautiful it might seem, will remain just that and die as such. The other side of this statement is also true. i.e. It doesn't really matter if the theory was established 100 years ago. Al long as it is proved clinically - it is good.

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