Inspiration is the engine of any art

After so many years of clinical experience, the last few months I'm feeling like a student, who ”just got it.” My personal enrichment, during the last few months, was rapid, very exciting, and a bit unusual. It was like an intensive process of rediscovery of what I knew, the old good clinically proven stuff, but I saw it in a different light, much broader and, honestly, I was bewildered that it happened to me.

All my professional life, I have believed, experienced, and knew that when it comes to professional skills developments, “sky is the limit.” I believed then, and believe now, that each of us in some different form can experience a personal Eureka moment.

Experiencing a Eureka moment is a natural process in our professional life. For example, the moment when we feel the effect of “energy work“ at the time of the hands-on massage. It is an absolutely unique feeling especially when patients after being subjected to this type of treatment report that their experience was different, a miracle. You realize that procedurally you haven’t done anything differently, but somehow the energy work blended within hands-on treatment produces these Eureka moments.

One has so much fun being a healing artist. This is different from any other form of art, or science. Eureka moments can occur when you have to accept clinically proven fact not yet explained by science, something that we call “empirical data”; our personal empirical data, based on our observations and our experiences.

The science of massage is like a house light, allowing moving in the right direction, which is to be capable to deliver better and sustainable results. I don't believe that without the science of massage I would be capable to get to my personal Eureka moments.

Like for any artwork, often after being already in the field and having good clinical experience, for the development of new skills, we need inspirations. Often these inspirations come from teachers we are choosing.

In the last few months, my professional growth was inspired, by a very knowledgeable and experienced medical doctor and a medical massage practitioner. If you would want to read this story it's in here.

Pre-event sports massage against COVID-19

Hopefully, in my writings and at upcoming classes I will be able to share my knowledge and which could inspire you to get your personal Eureka moments, to improve your skills, and to be able to help many people to stay healthy and happy.

Best wishes.


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