Interesting discussions at the AMTA-CA Annual Education Conference

Yesterday at the AMTA-CA Annual Education Conference, I was engaged into few interesting discussions.

Guys proposed different opinions on stretching and fascia releases. Some claimed that  one can achieve fascia release implementing stretching only, including possibility to achieve results such as less pain, more range of motion by implementing stretching only. I respectfully disagreed.

We shouldn't confuse between mobilization of fascia with no accumulated tension and abnormally accumulated tension. At the time of stretching, of course, along with engaging muscles, we are stretching fascia. However, areas with local tension accumulation within fascia will be not affected.

A realization, that the misconception is, apparently, deeply rooted among therapists, gave me an idea to produce an educational video, explaining in details why stretching only, practically, cannot be considered as adequate modality for fascia tension elimination. I think I will even give it a higher priority among all other educational videos that that on my list.

We also discussed nerve mobilizations techniques. I believe there is a lot of misunderstanding in this issue either. In my upcoming educational video, I will discuss and demonstrate hands-on techniques designed to achieve nerve mobilization. However, going ahead of myself I’d like to offer my firm personal opinion: ”Yes at the time of the stretching we're not only engaging muscles and fascia, but in the case when stretching done within the pathways direction of nerve, we mobilize nerves as well.”

This is what makes stretching a great therapeutic modality. However, this doesn’t apply to the case of acute and/ or chronic inflammatory condition. Clinical reasoning suggests a different approach for safe and effective techniques in order to reach results. I will offer a detailed clinical reasoning explanation in my upcoming video.

In regards to utilization of stretching, or other individual modalities, as the only modality to achieve results. Understanding different conditions such as formation of lymphedemas, myofascial dysfunction, trigger points developments in cases of painful orthopedic disorders, suggests that it order to achieve and sustain results it is necessary to implement multimodality approach. Yes, gentle sensible stretching, can decrease pain sensation, and can even lead to range of motion improvement. The question is - would it be an adequate treatment in sustaining results? I believe it wouldn't, and symptoms will come back.  Please read my blog on subject of necessity for adequate  treatment to sustain results.

Also yesterday, one of my colleagues have questioned, if there is any proof for trigger points existence, as well as if there are any scientific-based documentations in regards to trigger points. Below is the link to my article on the subject. In this article I have include link to scientific review. 

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