Is massage therapy, remedy to all diseases?

I was inspired to write this when I came across the article Blood Pressure Reactivity to Psychological Stress Predicts Hypertension in the CARDIA Study conducted research.

Here is the fragment from the abstract for this article:

A longstanding but controversial hypothesis is that individuals who exhibit frequent, large increases in blood pressure (BP) during psychological stress are at risk for developing essential hypertension. We tested whether BP changes during psychological stress predict incident hypertension in young adults.

Absolutely. Young people who are under psychological stress are at risk of developing essential hypertension. An increase in sympathetic tone produces arteriolar vasoconstriction with a subsequent increase in the peripheral vascular resistance. At the onset, these changes exhibit a transient character and the body uses self-regulatory mechanisms to restore the proper relationship between sympathetic and parasympathetic tones. This is why in earlier stages there are episodes of increased arterial blood pressure, without symptoms of hypertension. With time and repeated episodes of hypertension attacks, the body resets baroreceptors, in the arterial circulation to the new level, and the elevation of arterial blood pressure becomes sustained.

The correctly established protocol of medical massage therapy may play a critical role in controlling arterial blood pressure in some patients with EH. More details on the subject is in my article link below: Medical Massage and Control of Arterial Hypertension

In addition please take a look at the link below, where I am presenting well-documented case of repeated hypertonic crisis. Massage therapy was the only methodology that could save this precious life. The power of massage

Of course, if massage can be helpful and effective when we treat established hypertension, then it must be a great preventive effort as well. It should be noted that hypertension should not be segregated from other stress related illnesses. It is fair to say that nowadays, humanity facing epidemics of stress related illnesses, including but not limited to essential hypertension, anxieties, sleep disorders, clinical depression, diabetes type II, tension headaches, muscular aches and pains. In most cases stress leading to combinations of illnesses I have mentioned above. For a better understanding please view the video below, where I am explaining the chain reaction of the emotional stress mechanism that debilitates the human body.

The Mechanism of Stress debilitation of human health

At the risk of repeating myself I’d like to emphasize that it is very difficult to find person who are suffering from essential hypertension, and not experiencing anxieties attacks, and /or muscular aches and pains, sleep disorders, stress related over eating , pre-diabetes or diabetes type II, etc.

The method section of the study Blood Pressure Reactivity to Psychological Stress Predicts Hypertension in the CARDIA Study proposes the following artificial stressors: cold pressor, star tracing, and video game tasks.

In fact, many surveys suggest that on average 80% of doctor visits are stress related casing such diseases as essential hypertension , anxieties attack , tension headaches , sleep disorders ,TMJ disorders , spinal disorders and more. Not to consider this information while talking about healthcare is wrong by all means.

Let me point out though that these 3 stressors where not the only the ones that effected the stress group. Outside the research experiment, participants were exposed to additional stressors. Even the modern technologically advanced life is applying am additional tremendous amount of stress. The link below is to a four minute video presentation where, under different angles, I propose a view at a stress exposure. Workplace conditions that worsen stress

It is clinically and scientifically proven that massage therapy is the most powerful methodology in stress management.  Of course, scientific fundamental base of massage therapy that explains the power of massage is the physiological effect of medical massage on human body. Here is the link to brief explanation.  Physiological effect of massage on the human body

In my blog Concerned about stress related illnesses I am offering extended view on role of massage in stress management.

So, is massage therapy, a remedy to all diseases? I wouldn't say so. However, I know that this is a very powerful preventive medicine methodology, as well as the great treatment tool that must be integrated with the conventional medical treatments.  In this case the statistics of stress related illnesses will change for the better Increasing unwillingness to bear even small pains  and general public will be not blamed for suffering.


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