Is there still out there pandemics of tuberculosis?

A bit on the history of epidemics. Smallpox used to take the lives of millions of people. There are estimates that this disease only in the XVIII century and only in Europe killed 60 million people. Global immunization eradicated these deadly outbreaks and it is happened not long ago, in 1980.

Tuberculosis considers to be one of the deadliest infectious diseases; it took the lives of millions.

In the XIX century, an average 85% of European as well as North American population was infected.

At that time it was a death sentence. 80% of people who have contracted tuberculosis lost their lives.

Since scientists developed antibiotics and vaccination when was the last time you heard about the outbreak of tuberculosis?

However, every year nearly one and a half million people die from tuberculosis. Every year 10 million people still get infected. When was the last time that media and infection disease specialties talked about pandemics of tuberculosis?

I don't remember the last time when anybody talked about tuberculosis. Do you?

Why didn't we hear about pandemics of tuberculosis? According to the numbers I have offered above, it is epidemics. The simple answer is because we know what to do in the case of an outbreak; we have different cocktails of antibiotics to kill this bacteria; we have immunizations.

By the way, every year influenza is taking tens of thousands of American lives. No much fear and anxieties. Because we have medications.

When it comes to Covid-19, today’s infection disease/microbiology scientists generally speaking don't have the answer.  So far we have neither immunization nor medication.

This lack of answers is no one’s fault. Discovery of a vaccine is a lengthy process, I strongly believe that soon we will have medications that would kill this virus, as well as we are on the way to immunization.

In the meantime, because of the lack of knowledge and inconsistencies that I described in my article about Covid-19  "

If someone got the impression that in my article I am attacking leading infection disease specialties then I am using this opportunity to say: “that is not true.” Let me assure you, I didn't attack anyone. You cannot blame anyone for “not knowing.”

You're welcome to read my article at the link above.

This is my introduction.

“I’m not an infectious diseases specialist, and wouldn’t waste your time, offering the analysis on “What do we know about COVID 19.” In this article, I am going to discuss the devastating effect of these pandemics on our society, and the fear that the leading US infection disease experts and agencies subjected the society at large. However, I am going to look at it through the lens of a massage therapist, focusing on the role that massage therapists should assume in such cases”

The phrase “to look at it through the lens of a massage therapist, focusing on the role that massage therapists should assume in such cases” implies that it is extremely important to understand placebo/nocebo phenomena, and its considerations when providing hands-on therapy. To understand the science behind energy work.

Immunizations are important. Still, we can do a lot to keep our clients healthy, including and not limited to strengthening the immune system to resist Covid-19 and other infections. Please keep in mind, that even after acquiring antibodies, the immune system can be suppressed, and not being able to fend against infection attack. Different methods of massage therapy scientifically and clinically proven as the most powerful methodologies for boosting the immune system and for detoxification.

I have written several articles on that topic. You're welcome to read it.

Is it necessary for a learning process to be entertaining?

A professor of medicine didn't ask for references

Detoxification and immune systems sufficiency

Can massage techniques be equated with remedies?

Pre-event sports massage against COVID-19

Today I know and understand even more about what we can do for our clients.

Soon, an instructional video would be available, where I will teach hands-on techniques for the release of acetylcholine, not only as a part of the pre-event sports massage. It is much broader. I will discuss all the details, including demonstrating different techniques that accompany the release of acetylcholine.

I would like to declare that I would never teach any massage protocols or specific techniques without acquiring solid clinical experiences. If you would like to be notified on the day of the release please e-mail us

or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Best wishes

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