Myofascial tissue?

Myofascial tissue?

Modern conventional medicine has reached fantastic levels. Like 40 years ago, only in science fiction books could we read about lung, heart, kidney, and other organ transplantations. Today, surgeons perform them routinely. It's not science fiction anymore. Having said that, conventional methods of medicine are practically helpless when it comes to treating muscular syndromes. In most cases, these are myofascial syndromes that cripple people. These syndromes, when developed significantly, take away people's health and happiness. In my opinion, we can use the term myofascial tissue only if we clearly understand that the human body possesses myofascial units, an alliance containing different tissues. When we address myofascial units, we employ different connective tissue massage techniques as well as muscular tissue mobilization techniques.

Please carefully listen to Roselyn’s case presentation.

It was a slowly developed myofascial syndrome. As it was developing, she couldn't sleep well, and then little by little, she started losing the ability to lift her arms. Since MRI and other radiological means cannot pick up buildups of tension within fascia and muscles, and shoulder joints didn't reflect significant arthritic changes on images, doctors prescribed anti-inflammatory medications and painkillers. Could these medications help? No, because anti-inflammatory and painkillers have no effect whatsoever on buildups of tension within fascia and muscles.

To succeed in Roselyn’s case, I have implemented the entire medical massage protocol I am teaching in program #4.  in case if you interested in CE program please click here.

This program includes myofascial tissue release techniques, trigger point therapy, and step-by-step practical neck techniques, and much more. My students and those following my teachings know that to achieve results, I am a big believer in understanding, not memorization. Four years ago, I wrote an overview of myofascial tissue and myofascial syndromes. Highly recommend reading. Here is the link Do you possess enough expertise and experience to break my fascia?

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