Personal Trainers in Rehabilitative Professional Fields

Personal Trainers in Rehabilitative Professional Fields

If we overview personal trainers' Scope of Practice, considering definitions of what they do, including designing and executing individual and small group exercise fitness programs tailored to the needs and attainable goals of the individual apparently healthy client, it would be appropriate to define "healthy client."

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health is "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being," which includes the use of personal and social resources to ensure an individual can function throughout their everyday lives. According to this definition, personal trainers are not working with healthy clients. In fact, statistically, 75 to 90% of annual visits to primary care physicians involve cases of stress-related illnesses.

When discussing stress-related disorders, essential hypertension should be considered, which is a life-threatening disease often referred to as the silent killer. Stress-related debilitating tension headaches, stealing away quality of life, stress-related foggy brain/inability to focus, dizziness, anxieties, clinical depression, and muscular pains and aches are common.

My Statement:

Many times on different forums, and not just once, I have claimed: if we overview the entire healthcare system, none of them can compete in effectiveness without side effects to sustain results in cases of stress-related illnesses I have mentioned above. Medical Massage is the most powerful methodology when it comes to preventing and treating stress-related illnesses.

Necessity to Learn this Medical Massage Protocol:

Some patients cannot afford or simply don't have time to come twice a week for approximately 7 weeks to receive treatments, but they desperately need stress management therapy. Therefore, people must learn this educational science-based stress management program.

More Details About this Program:

It is a science-based full-body stress management massage, and I have simplified the technical approach so that both massage professionals and the general public will be able to learn it. Due to the pandemic of stress-related illnesses, I decided to go beyond couples massage training, involving friends treating friends, couples, and family members. Of course, I had in mind that personal trainers will decide to take this class.

Why Personal Trainers Should Take this Class:

In this program, I am teaching the real science of massage, including detailed explanations and hands-on performances. I would recommend personal trainers learn this program and then teach classes for the general public on how to provide a full-body stress management massage. Please keep in mind you won't provide massage procedures; it is out of your scope of practice. However, I believe, you can teach the general public without requiring a license. There are many advantages. By taking this class, personal trainers can also learn how to teach beyond couples medical full-body stress management massage and then teach general public classes. This can give you an opportunity to earn additional income, and of course, by teaching general public classes, there is a good chance that some participants will become your clients.

What to Expect:

I know some massage educators use entertaining special effects, music, etc., but I just don't believe it can be beneficial and helpful for people to learn. Please do not expect a Hollywood production. No music, no special effects, just one hour of nonstop educational program.

The distinction between teaching protocols for medical massage professionals and individuals with no prior massage experience lies in the fact that learning simplifies technical approaches allowing you to achieve results. Professionals can often achieve faster and more sustainable results in numerous treatments compared to those without previous experience. In other words, what I might accomplish in three treatments, a nonprofessional might need to provide five treatments for. However, the focus remains on learning how to execute a full-body medical stress management massage.


For nonprofessionals and the general public, I recommend initially sitting and carefully watching my hands-on massage performances while listening to my explanations. Feel free to take notes, and if any questions arise, you can post them, and I'll be more than happy to answer. In this instructional video, I am demonstrating simplified massage techniques that are very easy to learn. For the second viewing, have a large-sized pillow next to you. As you observe my performances, try to replicate them on the pillow. You're welcome to watch the program as many times as you need. After practicing on the pillow a few times, you'll be ready to perform the massage on your friends and family. Professional massage therapists, after reviewing the program, can begin applying it to clients and eventually start teaching the general public. Remember, you always have the opportunity to post questions.

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Personal trainers, due to the terrible statistics of pandemics, you can be sure most of your clients are suffering from stress-related disorders. Until stress is managed, your work cannot be effective to the needed extent. Dear friends, we all have to see ourselves as healthcare providers. The Latin word doctor means educator. For the sake of public health, let's educate the general public. Let's fight pandemics of stress-related illnesses.

Thank you.

Truly yours,

Boris Prilutsky

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