The science of massage has specific applications

The science of massage has specific applications

Although the science of medical massage originates from biomedical science, its clinical application differs from that of medical doctors. This means that we calculate clinically differently, examine patients differently, and come to different conclusions when building a treatment plan. Please listen carefully to Eileen’s case presentation/testimonial at

Three orthopedic surgeons, after looking at MRI images, decided on hip replacement, citing "bone on bone." To be precise, "bone on bone" implies complete fusion of the bones. During my initial examination, despite experiencing pain, Eileen could move her hip joint to different extents and planes. When palpating, I detected a lot of tension within the entire gluteal muscles group, particularly within the piriformis muscle and Tensor fasciae latae muscle. This tension typically creates significant pressure within the hip joint, making it difficult to put weight on and impeding standing and walking.

Palpating tension within the piriformis muscle is sometimes impossible, but I concluded tension was present when attempting to gently stretch the piriformis muscle, which was limited not due to bone fusion. I implemented the protocols presented in program #1. For more info please click this link or if you need CE certificate, please click here

Additionally, in addition to the entire protocol, I teach how to assess the piriformis muscle, transmit pressure to address trigger points within the piriformis muscle, and perform post-isometric relaxation techniques specifically for the piriformis muscle. Without these techniques, I wouldn't have been able to help Eileen . wouldn't be able to help Elaine if wouldn't combined, implement protocols I am presenting at program number 9 for info please click

or if you need CE certificate, please click here Expert Massage CE Programs with Certification Part of the program #9, additional to comprehensive approach but not limited to teaching special techniques to reduce pressure inside of hip joint.

In conclusion, all scientific data produced by orthopedic surgeons and other healthcare specialties can be good scientific data but isn't applicable for clinical use by massage therapists. Personally, I sometimes read research papers from different specialties in conventional methods fields, finding them interesting but not useful when it comes to the clinical application of the science of massage. I recommend not attempting to adopt scientific data from other fields to develop massage protocols, as it would be a big mistake.

The science of massage is an old and solid science, clinically proven for many years. Going back to Eileen's case, seven years ago, her hip would been replaced. Who knows what the outcome would have been? Perhaps she wouldn't have woken up from anesthesia, or there could have been issues with the size of the replacement leading to further replacements or possible infections. While I respect and appreciate the work of orthopedic surgeons, looking at an MRI and deciding….. I don't know. Seven years later, she is fully functional. Maybe an MRI performed now would show the same changes. Unfortunately, we do not have integrative medicine in action, at least in my personal observation and belief.

Best wishes, Boris

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