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Fascia mobilization is an important massage modality. Unless a therapist releases tension in fascia it is impossible to achieve results. To find out why this is important on the physiological level. To find out why this is important on the physiological level click here.

If a therapist finds extra tense regions, they use methods of fascia release developed long ago by Austrian physician Dickle.  If you are interested in finding out the history of fascia mobilization click here.

There is actually quite a bit of misconception about fascia in the histological sense and in the treatment sense.  To read about an actual amusing clinical case that will reveal such a misconception.

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In the following video, I demonstrate the methods of fascia mobilization by hand.

As you can see from the above video the methods of fascia mobilization, require a certain skill and experience.  Improperly done, they might have detrimental consequences on the entire massage sequence and will lead to an incomplete mobilization of soft tissue.

Luckily, and I say this with a good share of joy, several years ago I discovered these flexible plastic jars, which do an amazing job as far as fascia release is concerned and are fairly easy to administer. Please see the video clip below

In addition, the usage of silicon jars presents additional benefits.  You can find out about them watching this video clip

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