The on-site Medical Massage program for the corporate office... and not only for on-site

Speaking about massage being essential services...

If you would Google

you would find out the following...

"Seventy-five percent to 90% of all doctor's office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints. Stress can play a part in problems such as headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, arthritis, depression, and anxiety. Dec 10, 2017"

I would respond to this in the following way:  It is clinically and scientifically proven that there is no methodology except for massage in entire healthcare fields, that have the therapeutic power, to manage stress. What I mean is really sustainable manageability allowing to balance sympathetic and parasympathetic activities.

Let's reflect on the data I have offered above...  Please note,  it was published on Dec 10, 2017.  Can you imagine what is going on today?

This blog is about

The On-site Medical Massage program for the corporate office and not only for on-site.

During the years, I presented live classes as well as used to teach remotely On-site Medical Massage program for the corporate office.

This science-based and clinically proven stress management program is designed to address stress side effects. It goes over protocols in sitting position on a chair, the massage using the old Chinese method working on silk offers the protocol for tension headaches, prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome, related to stress management lower extremity massage, special movement/exercise to maintain the post-massage good resting muscle tone and the full body massage performances on silk.

As you can see this is a comprehensive program, which shouldn't be confused with the massage with the sole purpose of making a client feel good.

As always, I am teaching nonstop hands-on techniques, as well as explaining in detail what I am doing.

A few weeks ago, literally one day after I started advertising my FREE webinar, a student who used to take this class from me, contacted me and said “Boris guess what, this program is not only for the corporate office anymore. Today,” she said, “this program is saving my business and allows me to help people.”

I asked her to extend. What turned out was that because of Covid-19, people afraid to take off clothes, and she started advertising the medical massage stress management program on the silk approach.

It worked. Her business started booming. Thinking about it ,.psychological effect “not taking off the clothes”, therapist won't touch directly skin, allows  more social distancing. Thus, this is a strong point in terms of convenience.

I didn't want to write about it immediately until I had more information. Two weeks ago, I contacted several of my students who took this class and advised them to try promoting the “clothes on” stress management massage program on the silk approach. The guys replied that this approach totally worked.

I'm still not in the office, and am very busy with another project, but when will come back, first thing I will do I will promote massage in sitting position for stress management on silk, and the usage of silk for massage on a table and will perform different medical massage protocols with “clothes on”. Let's keep in mind, silk providing excellent lubrication.

You still can register the link below.

Looking forward to teaching this much-needed webinar. Coronaviruses don’t go anywhere, and our treatment is essential.

Best wishes,


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