The role of coffee grounds in cellulite reduction.

Recently I had the most peculiar clinical experience that left me with a big question. A familiar dermatologist referred to me as a client for cellulite reduction massage.  The main focus of my practice is painful pathologies and orthopedic massage. Strictly speaking, cellulite is not a pathology. However, when a lady looks in a mirror and sees cottage cheese or orange peel marks on the skin, it makes her unhappy. Unhappy people cannot be healthy, and as therapists, our duty is to help people ridding of these sources of unhappiness. In many cases, cellulite reduction massage is a much cheaper and much safer alternative to liposuction or other plastic surgeries. If you would like to get more information on the subject please follow this link.

The client turned out to be a very extravagant lady, who brought with her a container with coffee muck and insisted on me incorporating this substance while performing cellulite reduction massage.  During the explanation of this bizarre demand, she referred to a cousin of hers, whom usage of coffee muck allegedly brought amazing results.

At that moment I was presented with the moral dilemma.  I was trained in how to incorporate Chinese cupping together with other special massage techniques to reduce cellulite. But since recently I started using silicone jars instead of glass jars, I had my first opportunity to use them for cellulite reduction.  Surely I had to adjust the existing protocol because glass jars are rigid while silicone jars are soft.  However, I had a strong hunch that silicone jars techniques could be even more effective, and less painful in cellulite reduction case as they proved to be in other cases.  But to do coffee mucking?

To do something that has no, known to me, scientific explanation or clinical proof, or lose the client and, more importantly, the first opportunity to investigate the effect of silicone jars?  Captain Kirk inside me wanted to “boldly go where no one has gone before.” Yet Mr. Spock, who happens to also be inside me at the moment, advised caution.  This coffee muck sort of smelled as is the entire experiment.  Surely, I thought of Dr. Oz green coffee campaign But, first of, can you take Dr. Oz’s advice seriously?  Secondly what my client insisted on using wasn't green or fresh.  Thirdly, even if it were green and fresh, would rub it in have the same effects as when you drink it?

So, I told my clients that I've never done a procedure that incorporated the usage of coffee muck. I also shared with her my suspicion that coffee color can get into the skin pores, and, possibly, can leave stains.  However, if she were to sign a release paper, I was ready to try it.  After all, her cousin used it and according to my client had no negative side effects.  The thought of this made me feel comfortable. I also surmised that coffee muck could play the role of an “emotional feel good“ effect for my client and in the worst-case scenario would do nothing.

To my surprise, the results of that experiment were a dramatic improvement.  Within 5 visits my client lost a significant part of her cellulite looks, developed less edema than usually. I have completed 10 treatments after two weeks have asked her to come for a checkup. The treated parts of her body looked very good compared to the parts I didn't address. Usually, I concentrate on one location at the time. Now I will start working on other cellulite locations, of course, using coffee muck.

Despite the obvious improvement, the experiment didn't make me an instant believer in the “coffee muck” method.  This happens because I used coffee muck in tandem with silicone jars.

As a matter of fact, during the last two years, I was developing a method allowing incorporation of silicone jars into medical-massage.  One of the advantages of silicone jar massage is its powerful ability to mobilize fascia, eliminate adhesions which provide faster and more advanced results compared to the classical hand's fascia stretching and fibrotic cords tears methodology.

So currently I don’t know what caused those visible and rapid results in cellulite reductions.  Should I attribute those results to the incorporation of silicone jars, to the integration of coffee muck or to both?

To resolve these doubts I should have conducted more testing with coffee muck without silicone jars or vise versa.  Of course, I will continue my experiments and would be glad to share the results with you.

In the meantime, I would like to invite your opinion and see what my colleagues think or know about the usage of coffee muck in cellulite reduction massage.

Incidentally, those of you who utilize Chinese glass cupping and generate suction by means of fire, and would like to learn techniques for cellulite reduction, are welcome to look at my medical massage educational video #8 please click this link. You can also preview short fragment from this video

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