There might be personal benefits in sincere and active compassion

Like most people, forced by courante for inactivity, I was racking my brain on ways to be productive and if possible help to other people in that difficult time. Browsing the net, I got engaged in a discussion about the tools that we as massage therapists can use to help people who contracted a coronavirus infection with two massage therapists who read this post.

Boosting the immune system made simple

I finished the post with these two sentences: I believe it is important to learn a step-by-step, full-body lymphatic drainage acceleration techniques. It’s always important and especially important today.

Now I’m thinking this is not enough. The subject of ”detoxification, and immune response” deserves a separate article written comprehensively, like we are saying, presenting a holistic view. Writing this article will keep me occupied and give an internal sense of peace and a sense of doing something right.

I’d like to encourage you to post your other requests, those covering the topic of ”detoxification, and immune response” or related to any other massage related topics, general or specifics.

As for myself… sitting at home, I decided to share my knowledge, to distract people, to help advance professional skills, etc. and while doing it I start realizing how beneficial it is for me, for my morals. I have tried to contribute and in the end, gained a piece of mind.

This sharing will keep our minds occupied, and push away heavy unproductive thoughts and, at the same time would allow us to concentrate on important subjects that otherwise remain marginalized in our busy everyday life.

In the meanwhile, I can say this. A massage therapist can help to a degree if a patient developed unusual difficult pneumonia. I will briefly discuss massage in cases of pneumonia and other respiratory diseases in that article. However, when someone has already been infected by a coronavirus we won’t be able to help, at least, at this point. The patients with cases of pneumonia secondary to coronavirus infection are in intensive care units.

When this pandemic dictated the entire nation to stay home, my management company asked what it might do for the massage community?

I recommended reducing the prices as much as possible on the educational materials. I was planning to write some educational commentaries, and we started working together.

As I stated, I don’t have a financial interest in all educational materials, and I thought it was very nice of them, to offer Vol. 5 for $10.

God willing, soon we will have our normal lives back: go to work, and be productive. Let’s try to advance ourselves in our ability to help other people, who are suffering.

Thank God for all

Best Regards,


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