Unexpected usefulness of certain massage protocols

Several weeks ago, I received a 53 years old male client who was suffering from what was introduced to me as sciatic nerve neuralgia. He had reported all classical symptoms of this disorder, including pain in the buttocks with irradiating to the leg. This wasn't his first episode; during the last five years the pain was on and off. The MRI examinations showed, 4mm disc bulging on the level of L4-L5, and 5 mm disc bulging on the level of L5-S1. When I asked him slightly to bent forward, he could do it without experiencing increase in pain intensity.

During these five years of suffering through the pain, he tried many different therapies including epidural injections with no real progress. As usual in such cases I started palpating lower back area, buttocks, hamstring muscles, investigating for tension within muscles and fascia, discovering trigger points, etc.

There was much indication that Piriformis Muscle Syndrome could be responsible for all the difficult clinical picture. However when I have investigated gluteus muscles by slight compressions, especially area of sacrotuberous ligament, my client immediately complained on experiencing intense irradiating pain in penis and testicles. The pain was disappearing once I was stopping the compression.

I have immediately checked the tension in hamstring muscles. Their resting tone was noticeably high alone with the apparent limitation in range of motion and containment of numerous trigger points. I told him that these muscular syndromes, if addressed appropriately and in detail, would not only help him alleviate pain and limitation in the range of motion, but also can increase his erection during intercourse.

The client, who happened to be a urologist, immediately asked me about how I deduced him having the erectile dysfunction.

I explained him that the clinical symptoms he experienced often caused by chronic lower back disorders, which also cause hamstring muscles tension. Hamstring muscles tension, is transmitted to sacrotuberous ligament, resulting in irritation of pudendal nerve. Since pudendal nerve provides innervation to sex organs its irritation produces pain in penis and testicles, and diminishes one's ability to maintain erection. Therefore my treatment that included releasing tensions in muscles and addressing trigger points could have improved his sexual potentials.

After six treatments all clinical symptoms of sciatic nerve neuralgia were almost gone, but I have continued providing massage treatment, including trigger point therapy to hamstring muscles, paying special attention to gluteus muscles, and area of sacrotuberous ligament.

With decreased pain, my client could report feelings of warm sensation in penis, and was amazed at how his erectile potential has improved. Altogether I've provided this doctor with 14 treatments, on the basis of three-times a week. Treatment included, connective tissue massage/fascia release, muscular mobilization, trigger point therapy, as well as post-isometric relaxation techniques. This step by step protocol I present on my instructional video#1.

In fact he was so impressed with the result that he referred to me three of his patients, who had suffered similar symptoms. As of today my urologist client is discharged. We are staying in touch. He feels great, and happy and this is a source of great pride and joy for me. His patients - all three of them are improving, including improvement of their sexual potential. This is another example of how appropriately applied medical massage protocol makes a huge difference in difficult cases compromised health manifested by complex clinical symptoms.

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