Medical/Orthopedic Massage Physical Therapy Aide Chiropractor Assistance Home Program   -  Volume #13

Medical/Orthopedic Massage Physical Therapy Aide Chiropractor Assistance Home Program - Volume #13

Medical/Orthopedic Massage Physical Therapy Aide Chiropractor Assistance Home Program - Volume #13

3 hrs 52 min
30 Credit Hours
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What’s Included

  • Training video
  • Education materials
  • Q&A with expert
  • Certificate of completion

This 30 credit hours instructional video contains a demonstration and detailed explanation of techniques for lymphedema management, myofascial release techniques, trigger point therapy, five different types of Petrissage techniques, guidance for assessments, correct biomechanics training, rehabilitative exercise program, as well as an introduction to physical therapy equipment.

Boris covers and provides detailed training for protocols for a neck and upper back disorders, shoulder disorders, including frozen shoulder, lower back disorders, including sciatica, knee disorders.

Learning from this program, allowing you to advance your knowledge in orthopedic massage, to deliver rapid and sustained results, prepares you to work as an independent medical massage practitioner as well as to practice in medical offices, physical therapy offices, chiropractor offices.

Most importantly, rather than addressing symptoms, Boris teaches you how to address multiple causes that produce and fuel pain and dysfunctions. This approach will allow you to help people to get better quickly.

How do you obtain credit hours:

After you order the materials, we will promptly ship you the package, containing the instructional video , exam and related documents. For the best results, please read the literature, take notes and watch the video material carefully. We require to watch all the materials presented on the instructional video 3 times minimum. Observing the hands-on demonstration and the detailed explanation allows you to learn the material to the extent of successfully implementing these techniques on clients and to pass the test.

The test is a multiple-choice questionnaire. Please note, that detailed explanations within the instructional video , as well as the supportive materials, actually contain answers to the test questions. Watch the instructional video at your leisure, practice your new skills with friends or clients, then complete and send your exam and three client treatment evolution forms back to us in an envelope supplied by us.

Please note that this home program is different from our other instructional video programs because it contains a presentation of four different orthopedic massage protocols: for knee, shoulder, lower back and neck, and upper back. Also, this program includes rehabilitative exercise for each region. You must practice all the mentioned above protocols on three different persons separately. You are allowed to perform all the protocols on the same person. However, you can do different protocols for different people. What is important is that all the 8 protocols (hands-on and exercises) be implemented 3 times each for a total of 24 practical educational sessions.

Also, to obtain credit hours, the duration of each hands-on protocol should be no less than 35 minutes and the duration of each exercise program should be no less than 20 minutes. There is no limit of times to retake the test within the 6 months time frame. You will be notified by mail or e-mail of your test results within 10 working days. Upon successful completion of the course, we will mail you the Certificate of completion and, if required by your state, we will notify the State Board of Massage Therapy of your completed credit hours.

Thank you and good luck!

Medical orthopedic massage/physical therapy aide/chiropractor assistant program instructional video is a large volume work, containing many sub-menus. It is equally important to study all the files.

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