Post-Concussion Rehabilitation Protocol - Volume #15

Post-Concussion Rehabilitation Protocol - Volume #15

Post-Concussion Rehabilitation Protocol - Volume #15

2 hrs 25 min
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The mainstream beliefs that rest and time will allow the human brain to heal, and recuperate from trauma.

It’s proving to be a wrong approach, and in most cases, especially when a person receives repeated brain trauma, with time and due to post-traumatic degenerative developments within the brain, people developing dementia, movement disorders, psychiatric behavioral disorders, sleep disorders, chronic headaches, and other encephalopathies’ related disorders.

On this instructional video Boris presents the theoretical concept as well as demonstrating a step-by-step hands-on massage protocol, that was developed in 1964 by Soviet scientist, neurologist, and medical-massage practitioner, professor Alexander Dembo MD. Ph.D.

Since 1964 this protocol was clinically proven to be a powerful methodology for post-concussion rehabilitation, prevention of brain Dysfunctions.

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  • April 02 2024 12:53 PM Susan Peterson, CMT, President of Bodywright, Inc., Costa Mesa, CA
    This work changes lives!
    Boris Prilutsky’s concussion theory and protocol is developed in true collaboration with a legendary group of rehab therapists and doctors of neurology, rehabilitation etc. at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles.
    I have had excellent results every time I have used it - or asked staff therapists to learn and apply it.

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