Hypertension, Dizziness, Headaches - CEU Volume #2

Hypertension, Dizziness, Headaches - CEU Volume #2

Hypertension, Dizziness, Headaches - Volume #2

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14 Credit Hours
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The main question doctors couldn't answer for him was, "What is the reason for hypertonic crisis and sustainable hypertension? Why didn't medications work?" This case was presented to me 15 years ago. It was abundantly clear to me that the vertebral artery was compromised by muscles, rendering medications ineffective. To be frank, under the supervision of his doctors, he was facing a life-threatening situation. During one hypertonic crisis episode, where his blood pressure spiked to 230/150, the risk of a massive stroke or heart attack leading to death was a looming prognosis. Today, thankfully, he continues to write software, manages a great garden, enjoys tasty vegetables and fruits, and lives a wonderful life.

In program number two, I explain step by step how to release pressure on the vertebral artery. I elaborate on a special method to directly address the stimulation of the vertebral artery, along with teaching how to perform full-body medical stress management. This aims to balance autonomic activities and sustain a higher threshold within baroreceptors/pressoreceptors.

The actual secret presented in this program is addressing the root causes that trigger hypertension.

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