Detoxification Lymphatic Drainage - CEU Volume #5

Detoxification Lymphatic Drainage - CEU Volume #5

Detoxification Lymphatic Drainage - Volume #5

2 hrs
15.5 Credit Hours
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What’s Included

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  • Certificate of completion

Science-Based Detoxification and Cleanses Program

It is absolute misinformation for the general public when it comes to detoxification and cleanse programs. A simple Google search for "full body detoxification and cleanses" yields thousands of products, all claiming to cleanse and detoxify, along with different diets making similar claims, many boasting scientific evidence for cleansing and detoxification. However, I couldn't find a single reliable study supporting diets or supplements causing full-body detoxification. In my opinion, all these diets and supplements are nothing more than a commercial drive, creating an image for a multibillion-dollar market.

In general, regardless of the diet or supplements consumed, the byproduct is toxins. Metabolic waste is considered toxins, and the lymphatic system, in addition to being part of the immune system, plays a crucial role in disposing of metabolic toxins. Nowadays, due to poor air and water quality, engineered food, and increased medication consumption, we excessively produce and accumulate metabolic poisons. The current highly stressful routines also lead to insufficient lymphatic drainage and disposal of metabolic toxins, contributing to the excessive accumulation of toxins in our bodies.

Program number 5 containing step-by-step full body detoxification lymphatic drainage techniques, as well as   Bronchial Drainage in Asthma & Bronchitis Post-Event Sports Rehabilitative Full-Body Massage. As you can see this program packed with educational material.

Jonathan Layne

Recently, I was diagnosed with toxic E. coli causing infection, toxin buildup, inflammation, swelling, bloating and hyper distention in the lower abdominal area. After the diagnosis was confirmed via stool sample laboratory results, my primary care physician immediately prescribed a three-day antibiotic regimen of Azithromycin (500 mg. x 3 = 1,500 mg). Several days after I completed taking this medication, my physician referred me to Mr. Boris Prilutsky, an experienced medical massage and sports massage specialist to help reduce inflammation, swelling, bloating and hyper distention in the lower abdominal area.

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  • March 31 2024 03:30 PM boris

    Thank you very much for Taken my class and thank you very much for posting.

  • March 26 2024 04:41 PM @SoCalMassage
    This was an exceptional class to attend.

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