Ice Massage Master Class

Ice Massage Master Class

Ice Massage Master Class

1 hrs
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At this master class, Boris will be teaching the application of Ice massage in cases of painful low back disorders, including but not limited to sciatica, femoral nerve neuralgia, hip and knee disorders, restless legs syndrome, plantar fasciitis, and painful neck disorders such as thoracic outlet syndrome, rotator cuff syndrome, tennis/golf elbow, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Throughout the program, Boris will be demonstrating and explaining why and how to effectively apply ice massage.

All presentations are scientifically sound, but most importantly, clinically proven to be a miraculous modality in extremely painful conditions. During the maximum 10-minute incorporation of appropriate application, ice massage creates changes by reducing pain sensation and many times accelerating the healing process, contributing significantly to the effort to prevent spinal and joint surgeries.

Please read Boris's case presentation:

Crossing my mind is a case from approximately six years ago that we can learn from. I received an urgent call from a lady MD whom I knew. She was screaming and crying, "I cannot move, terrible pain in lower back radiating to my left leg." I made a home visit, and after the first treatment, she reported feeling better, experiencing less intense pain, and being able to walk. In my article, I explain why a properly applied medical massage protocol can make an immediate difference in the clinical picture.

We planned a treatment for the next day, which further contributed to her improvement. Unbeknownst to me, she had scheduled an MRI. We both personally knew the radiologist at this particular imaging facility, a well-known MD, PhD professor at the local medical school. I received a call from him saying, "Boris, she is sitting in front of me. I am referring her to the emergency room, probably for emergency surgery. The disk protrusion is 1.2 centimeters." Honestly, I became worried; we were on a speaker call. I asked her how she was feeling, and she said she was better. I asked if she experienced any incontinence or weakness, to which she answered no. Then I apologized to the MD, PhD professor of radiology for essentially teaching him medicine. I explained that when I started my practice, there were no MRIs available, but from autopsies and other examinations, we knew that a slightly bulged disc could leak fluid, chemically inflaming the spinal nerve and causing significant swelling or increase in size. Nowadays, MRI images would interpret this as a 1.2-centimeter disk protrusion. As I have explained in the article, we address the causes by reducing tension within the erector spinae muscles, contributing to the sufficiency of these muscles, reducing weight-bearing pressure on the injured intervertebral disc, and by increasing blood supply, we suppress inflammation and reduce the size of the swelling. This often leads to immediate positive changes in the clinical picture. I continued, "Dear Dr., in the medical massage approach, we recognize radiological findings, but decisions on following treatment plans are directed by clinical phenomena, not by MRI findings." To my pleasant surprise, the doctor thanked me for the presentation and lesson and changed his mind about referring her to the ER for emergency surgery. By the way, I frequently talk and see this lady MD, and for six years, there have been no repeated episodes. From time to time, about once a month, I perform maintenance treatment.

It would be impossible to prevent surgery without the incorporation of ice massage, in these cases as well as in hundreds of other successful surgery preventions. For curious minds, please listen to patients' reported outcomes. Real cases reports can be found at Customer testimonials

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