Welcome to the fascinating world of science-based medical and sports massage

Medical massage, massage therapy, therapeutic massage, and even sports massage all mean therapy through massage. Therapy, in essence, is about achieving results. Everything we do is geared towards achieving tangible outcomes.

Our science-based approach involves meticulously developed medical and sports massage protocols derived from research. These protocols teach us both general and specific rules, sequences of step-by-step hands-on techniques recommended by researchers. We don't have to guess or reinvent the wheel. Keep in mind that everything I teach in this programs is based on centuries of research, observations, and my personal long-term clinical experiences.

Here is some general information on rules and conditions to sustain results:

  1. Kneading Techniques: Spend 50% of the procedure time performing kneading/petrissage techniques. Every program I teach, whether it's a CE program with certificates  or just instructional includes training on how to perform five different types of kneading techniques. 
  2. Fascia Mobilization and Release: Incorporate mobilization and release of fascia to achieve results. Each program contains demonstrations and training on diagnosing soft tissue using fingers, as well as how to perform fascia release and mobilization. Silicone jars can be used as a substitute for hands in fascia release and mobilization, and you can find the entire training in program number 14.
  3. Evaluation: Spend 5 to 10 minutes for evaluation for a successful outcome. A structured evaluation provides a comprehensive clinical picture and allows for the creation of a treatment plan. Patients can fill out a questionnaire, which gives a general picture of their condition. You can download a sample questionnaire here.

Listen carefully to the patient's description of symptoms during their presentation.

  1. Autonomic Activities Assessment: Medical massage uniquely allows the assessment of autonomic activities through techniques like the dermatographism test. This reliable test involves scratching the skin using the corner of nails, providing insights into autonomic activities. The ability to achieve autonomic balance in specific cases is a distinctive advantage of medical massage.
Lower Back Disorders - CEU Volume #1

Lower Back Disorders; Disc Herniation, Lumbalgia, Sciatic Nerve Neuralgia, Post-Isometric Relaxation & Back Rehabilitative Exercises.

1 hrs 20 min
10 Credit Hours
Price: $70.00  
Fibromyalgia, Full-Body Medical Massage - CEU Volume #3

Fibromyalgia, Full-Body Medical Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Acupressure for Tension Headaches, Rehabilitative Exercise Programs.

2 hrs 30 min
17 Credit Hours
Price: $119.00  
European Cranio-Sacral Therapy - CEU Volume #4

European Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Rotator Cuff Syndrome, Frozen Shoulder, Tennis/Golf Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

2 hrs
18 Credit Hours
Price: $126.00  
Shoulder Injuries - Self-Volume #2

1 hrs 38 min
Price: $35.00  
Incorporation of Hot Stone massage - CEU Volume #11

Incorporation of Hot Stone massage in full-body stress management massage, Thoracic outlet syndrome, Rotator cuff syndrome/frozen shoulder cases, Tennis/golf.

1 hrs 45 min
12 Credit Hours
Price: $84.00  
Pre-Event Warm up - Self-Volume #7

2 hrs 23 min
Price: $35.00  
Medical/Orthopedic Massage Physical Therapy Aide Chiropractor Assistance Home Program - Volume #13

Medical orthopedic massage/physical therapy aide/chiropractor assistant program Part1 CEU.

3 hrs 52 min
30 Credit Hours
Price: $210.00  


"I came to Boris with numbness and tingling in my left arm, shoulder and neck. Although the sensation in my arm was relatively new to me, it sure wasn’t new to Boris. He knew what to do, and how to to do it, and feeling started to return to my arm within one session. A few more sessions and the numbness was gone and has not returned. Boris gave me a few exercises to perform on my own and that was that. Problem gone. I have the greatest respect for Boris and my arm is forever grateful!"

Lance Anderson.

TV producer and director

"I never believed in the therapeutic effectiveness of any kind of massage therapy, until I became Boris Prilutsky's patient."

Victor Gura, M.D.
Associate Clinical Professor
UCLA School Of Medicine

"I have had a wonderful first hand experience with massage therapy as provided by Boris Prilutsky. The Scientific foundation of his methods is interesting to me as I have found this lacking in other therapies I have experienced. Through Boris, I found that this type of massage therapy was developed by physicians. The application of massage therapy to blood pressure control is particulary intriguing.

Ranon Udkoff, M.D., Ph.D. 

"After more than 35 years of practical clinical experience, I was really surprised by the effectiveness of Boris' methodology of treatment."

Lev Luzin, R.P.T., Ph.D.

"I can endorse the clinical work and teaching of Boris Prilutsky without reservation. I have seen him teach his students and he is an excellent role model for massage therapists and an inspiring teacher. I have found the clinical methods utilized by Boris Prilutsky to be very advanced especially the aspects pertaining to reflex-therapy. I feel that these methods can be used to complement stress management and pain management programs."

David Schechter, M.D.,
Board Certified Family Practice CAQ Sports Medicine
Clinical Associate Professor USC School of Medicine

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