Stress Management And Detoxification

Reproduced scientific data suggests that 90% of visits to primary care physicians are related to stress-induced illnesses, including tension headaches, mental fog, concentration difficulties, sleep disorders, vertigo, muscle aches, essential hypertension, anxiety, clinical depression, and more. In fact, in many such cases, primary care physicians have limited options aside from prescribing medications.

As a scientific and clinical fact, stress suppresses the immune system. T cells are constantly searching for cancer cells, but when the body accumulates an excessive amount of metabolic waste and toxins, the immune system becomes insufficient, and T cells cannot detect cancer cells. In such cases, people may develop cancers. By managing stress and expediting the disposal of metabolic toxins, we can improve overall body function and, importantly, prevent cancer. This claim is science-based, and it is unlikely that anyone would be able to challenge it. The entire program is designed to prepare you to manage stress, treat stress-related illnesses, and should be equally recognized for its preventive benefits. In the United States, preventive medicine is often only a theoretical concept on paper.

Fibromyalgia, Full-Body Medical Massage - CEU Volume #3

Fibromyalgia, Full-Body Medical Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Acupressure for Tension Headaches, Rehabilitative Exercise Programs.

2 hrs 30 min
17 Credit Hours
Price: $119.00  
Detoxification Lymphatic Drainage - CEU Volume #5

Detoxification Lymphatic Drainage, Bronchial Drainage in Asthma & Bronchitis Post-Event Sports Rehabilitative Full-Body Massage.

2 hrs
15.5 Credit Hours
Price: $108.50  
On-Site Office Massage Therapy Program - CEU Volume #6

On-Site Office Massage Therapy Program: Chair Massage on silk, Chair Massage techniques in sitting position with no massage chair.

1 hrs 45 min
13 Credit Hours
Price: $91.00  
Massage therapy for cellulite reduction - CEU Volume #8

Massage therapy for cellulite reduction, Chinese cupping techniques, Medical massage in cases of Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

1 hrs 38 min
11 Credit Hours
Price: $77.00  
Practical approach to physiology - Volume #10

Science of massage and energy work, Physiological effect of massage, Pathologies and energy work.

1 hrs 30 min
12 Credit Hours
Price: $84.00  
Incorporation of Hot Stone massage - CEU Volume #11

Incorporation of Hot Stone massage in full-body stress management massage, Thoracic outlet syndrome, Rotator cuff syndrome/frozen shoulder cases, Tennis/golf.

1 hrs 45 min
12 Credit Hours
Price: $84.00  
Trigger Point Therapy - CEU Volume #12

Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Alliance Release, Stress Management Aspects, Deep Tissue Mobilization, Frozen Shoulder.

4 hrs
12 Credit Hours
Price: $84.00  


"I came to Boris with numbness and tingling in my left arm, shoulder and neck. Although the sensation in my arm was relatively new to me, it sure wasn’t new to Boris. He knew what to do, and how to to do it, and feeling started to return to my arm within one session. A few more sessions and the numbness was gone and has not returned. Boris gave me a few exercises to perform on my own and that was that. Problem gone. I have the greatest respect for Boris and my arm is forever grateful!"

Lance Anderson.

TV producer and director

"I never believed in the therapeutic effectiveness of any kind of massage therapy, until I became Boris Prilutsky's patient."

Victor Gura, M.D.
Associate Clinical Professor
UCLA School Of Medicine

"I have had a wonderful first hand experience with massage therapy as provided by Boris Prilutsky. The Scientific foundation of his methods is interesting to me as I have found this lacking in other therapies I have experienced. Through Boris, I found that this type of massage therapy was developed by physicians. The application of massage therapy to blood pressure control is particulary intriguing.

Ranon Udkoff, M.D., Ph.D. 

"After more than 35 years of practical clinical experience, I was really surprised by the effectiveness of Boris' methodology of treatment."

Lev Luzin, R.P.T., Ph.D.

"I can endorse the clinical work and teaching of Boris Prilutsky without reservation. I have seen him teach his students and he is an excellent role model for massage therapists and an inspiring teacher. I have found the clinical methods utilized by Boris Prilutsky to be very advanced especially the aspects pertaining to reflex-therapy. I feel that these methods can be used to complement stress management and pain management programs."

David Schechter, M.D.,
Board Certified Family Practice CAQ Sports Medicine
Clinical Associate Professor USC School of Medicine

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