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It just crossed my mind that now because of the global tragedy it is appropriate to talk about the most powerful methodology in our toolbox that allows boosting the immune system. This is a methodology of detoxification and manual acceleration of lymphatic drainage. There is no other clinically proven scientifically based methodology, capable of competing with it.


In the video clip, I stated that the techniques that I offer on this medical massage educational video are not massage. Perhaps it isn't entirely true. In trying to emphasize the difference, my primary concern was that people might apply too much pressure, the pressure comparable to the moderate pressure applied during the massage.  I’d like to emphasize that while performing lymphatic drainage the pressure must be VERY LIGHT.  Pores of lymphatic vessels are large, and if one applies even a moderate pressure, instead of being drained through lymphatic nodes and on, lymphatic fluid would be pushed back to extracellular space.

On my medical massage educational video #5

During my hands-on demonstration, I am explaining the necessity of light touch, in order to accelerate lymphatic drainage. We perform these techniques on the full body and, in my experience and in the experience of many other experts in the field, they are extremely efficient in boosting the immune system.

In addition, I feel it would be beneficial to watch a four-minute video clip below. The video discusses the immune response to a bacterial infection. Yet the immune system reacts to viral infection the same way. Once you understand how anti-bodies neutralize infection inside the lymph nodes, it would become clear why delivering more so-called infected lymphatic fluid to the nodes boosts the immune system. All the techniques related to the acceleration of the drainage through lymph nodes we perform on the full body.


Please don't hesitate to post questions and state your opinion.

I was able to convince my management company, to offer a special price of $10.

I believe it is important to learn step-by-step, full-body lymphatic drainage acceleration techniques.  It's always important and especially important today

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