Science-Based Detoxification and Cleanses Program

Science-Based Detoxification and Cleanses Program

It is absolute misinformation for the general public when it comes to detoxification and cleanse programs. A simple Google search for "full body detoxification and cleanses" yields thousands of products, all claiming to cleanse and detoxify, along with different diets making similar claims, many boasting scientific evidence for cleansing and detoxification. However, I couldn't find a single reliable study supporting diets or supplements causing full-body detoxification. In my opinion, all these diets and supplements are nothing more than a commercial drive, creating an image for a multibillion-dollar market.

In general, regardless of the diet or supplements consumed, the byproduct is toxins. Metabolic waste is considered toxins, and the lymphatic system, in addition to being part of the immune system, plays a crucial role in disposing of metabolic toxins. Nowadays, due to poor air and water quality, engineered food, and increased medication consumption, we excessively produce and accumulate metabolic poisons. The current highly stressful routines also lead to insufficient lymphatic drainage and disposal of metabolic toxins, contributing to the excessive accumulation of toxins in our bodies.

Let's review. Especially in the field of massage therapy, we observe the body and its dysfunctions and disorders holistically. This means we don't see any disorder, illness, or dysfunction as an individual problem of an organ or system. We view individually diagnosed disorders as an illness of the entire body. For instance, stress can lead to insufficient lymph drainage, excessive accumulation of toxic metabolic waste, a decrease in immune power, and more. Ultimately, an insufficient immune system is evident.

Consider a scenario where individuals of the same age group and health conditions are exposed to a crowd infected by a coronavirus. Some may get ill, some may die, and others may experience insignificant symptoms and recover easily or not show symptoms at all. This outcome depends on the individual's immune system's ability to defend against viruses and infections. Weak immune systems mean T cells may not be capable of detecting and destroying cancerous cells.

The functions of all organs and systems depend on the normal function of others. Massage therapy has the potential to address, improve, and balance these functions. The bottom line is that to empower and balance the immune system, we must balance the functions of all organs and systems. A real science-based detoxification program includes a manual acceleration of the lymphatic drainage program. For CE credit hours and certificates, click here:

If you only need training, without a certificate, click here: Detoxification Lymphatic Drainage - CEU Volume #5

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