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What type of massage therapy should doctors refer their patients for treatments? Part 3 PDF Print E-mail

Having devoted forty years of my life to the wonderful occupation of massage therapy I naturally often think about this profession at large and find myself deeply concerned with the direction it takes in the country where I live and work.  My books, articles and DVDs are an outlet for me to share my thought, knowledge, and concerns with the rest of the professionals in the field and, hopefully, try to make a positive impact on it; for isn't making a positive difference in occupation that you love, is the goal of every thinking person.  This article is no exception.

In several latest articles I expressed a concern about the poor state of the massage industry in the present modern market economy and exposed the reasons of why this state is so poor. I also presented an opinion, in which direction the industry should go in order to be successful, and offered a series of practical steps in achieving it.

In short, my solution to a situation is to shift public perception of massage industry from the "feel good" often even "happy ending" theme to a much more serious perception of it as a part of medical industry.



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