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Mitochondria, as a positive side effect of a specific stimulation by massage

The value of this research is in the importance of the exposed data. In addition, this study/research paper was published at "Science Translational Medicine," which provides considerable authority to this research.

On February 2nd, 2012, multiple sources issued a press release related to intense healing power massage therapy. At the time, it was widely publicized, including TV reports. Below are a few excerpts of this release.

Inspiration is the engine of any art

After so many years of clinical experience, the last few months I'm feeling like a student, who ”just got it.” My personal enrichment, during the last few months, was rapid, very exciting, and a bit unusual.

Post COVID-19 VS Fibromyalgia

A few days ago I received a message from a colleague of mine, who is my student, my patient, and my friend.

“I've been talking to some of my fibro survivors. Many have symptoms of the post-viral syndrome and many have a history of neck trauma like whiplash or fractures. Could this be the double whammy? Neck injuries later create a post-viral looking syndrome almost like post-concussion syndrome?”

Fixing VS. Rehabilitating

Hi all,

Recently I was invited by a large company that provides certifications for fitness specialists, to teach the post-exercise recovery certification program. I was happy to participate because as much as exercise contributing to health and wellness it might have side effects such as buildups of tension in muscles.

Coronavirus is not going anywhere

Forty years out of my forty-six years of clinical experience I have combined clinical work with teaching Medical and Sports Massage. I always loved it, and sharing my knowledge in massage procedures, is my passion.

Medical Massage VS. Short Memory Loss

Hi All,

As I have mentioned in the article below, I’ve met a researcher, 64 years old male, who has developed a significant short memory loss. His colleagues, family members, and, of course, he was worried. Yesterday, I have provided him with treatment number 11.

The recognition of massage therapy as healthcare methods of treatment

Recently I have had communication with LMT, who in the past took my CE classes.

In the middle of our discussion she said: "you Boris are a very advanced massage therapist, if all of us would be as advance as you are, massage therapists might be recognized as a healthcare provider."

Is there still out there pandemics of tuberculosis?

A bit on the history of epidemics. Smallpox used to take the lives of millions of people. There are estimates that this disease only in the XVIII century and only in Europe killed 60 million people. Global immunization eradicated these deadly outbreaks and it is happened not long ago, in 1980.

Is it necessary for a learning process to be entertaining?

Sometimes an accidental encounter explodes in your mind, assembling events, concepts, and memories in one logical chain that to you seems utterly natural and true. At the same time, the non-uniform nature of the components makes it a challenge to place them in one coherent narrative.

A professor of medicine didn't ask for references

A few days after I published the article “Can massage techniques be equated with remedies?”, I receive a call from a cardiologist, whom I already knew for some time. He asked me if he can forward the link to my article to a friend of his who is a professor of medicine, double board-certified cardiologists, Ph.D., at one of the local medical schools.

What do we know about COVID-19?

I'm not an infectious diseases specialist, and wouldn't waste your time, offering the analysis on “What do we know about COVID 19”.

In this article, I am going to discuss the devastating effect of these pandemics on our society, and the fear that leading US infection disease experts and agencies subjected the society at large.

Can massage techniques be equated with remedies?

Based on my experiences practicing medical and sports massage for many years, I can say with conviction that, although massage techniques cannot be equated to remedies, in certain cases it is possible to discover or rediscover additional healing power that the use of massage techniques can entail.

Pre-event sports massage against COVID-19

People, who follow my articles and posts know that I am a big believer in professional discussions, and am not afraid of being challenged and support my opinion in a mutually respectful back and forth argument. Everyone can learn from this type of professional discussion: those who post, those who disagree, and those who are just following the discussion.

The role of biomedical science in the field of massage therapy

The recent article By Dr. Ross Turchaninov, MD “NEW SCIENTIFIC DATA TO REVISIT ACTIVE TRIGGER POINTS CONCEPT “inspired me to write this commentary.

Detoxification and immune systems sufficiency

The material presented here is partially from my article, first was published at 42 MASSAGE & BODYWORK • JUNE/JULY 2006

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