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Lymphedemas can cause the development of neuropathy such as the one accompanying diabetes

As I discussed in the last week post, the neurologist whom I helped with his neck problem started referring me patients.

Are trigger points real, or this is false claim that has no clinical value?

Lately much discussion transpires on trigger points. Something like

Are trigger points real?

What are trigger points?

What is the mechanism of trigger points therapy; how it work?

Is it necessary to include trigger point therapy when providing medical /orthopedic massage?

The role of medical massage in fighting pandemics of hypertension.

Hypertension is a very dangerous disorder. It literally endangers life. This disorder could lead to strokes, heart attacks, peripheral arteries diseases and to many other diseases.

Do you speak your professional mind?

Approximately 18 years ago, when I have started producing my medical and sports massage instructional medical massage educational video series, my friend’s wife told me: ”Boris don't do this. You guys should just teach live classes.”

Is it necessary to cross the line?

Massage therapy is a very powerful therapeutic tool. Did I say something new?

"Active Engagement Techniques” with Whitney Lowe

Yesterday I had an opportunity to attend the presentation “Active Engagement Techniques” with Whitney Lowe at AMTA-CA Annual Education Conference.

Interesting discussions at the AMTA-CA Annual Education Conference

Yesterday at the AMTA-CA Annual Education Conference, I was engaged into few interesting discussions.

Critical Thinking vs. Clinical Thinking

The critical thinking is based on: analysis, critique and conclusions. In our field in most cases critical thinking is necessary at the time of meta-analysis. If scientists have an interest in research and development of hands-on protocols/techniques, the purpose of which is to accelerate quantities of lymphatic drainage, scientists analyze huge amount of available data on the subject, including, physiology of lymphatic system, its main duty, etc.

Medical Massage is not a remedy for all diseases. Yet it is so powerful, that for the sake of one's well-being, it cannot be ignored.

Massage therapy is not a remedy for all diseases. Yet it is so powerful, that for the sake of one's well-being, it cannot be ignored. We cannot rely on "feel good" sensations only. To achieve the best results, treatment strategies and underlying concepts have to be understood and step-by-step protocols should be followed to the letter.

The scientific community has given massage serious consideration only in the last 100 years.

As a therapeutic tool massage has been known and used since ancient times. The scientific community has given it serious consideration only in the last 100 years. Within this time, scientists have discovered many important factors that links massage with the treatment of multiple diseases.

What is this simple approach to massage therapy and how is it different from other approaches?

Our lives are full of events that are connected by cause and effect. For instance, if we lift and release an object it's going to fall down. Gravity existed long time before Galileo and Newton described its behavior quantitatively. Millenniums before their time, knowing nothing about gravity beyond its cause and effect relation, military engineers created machines that catapulted rocks over the wall of besieged cities.

What separates a good therapist from a great one?

A sense of touch is a demarcation line that sets apart a good therapist and a great one. The greater therapist being the one who constantly delivers better results.

Increase in blood supply triggered by massage

The existence of Vasomotor Reflexes /increase of blood supply triggered by massage therapy was originally shown by Prof. Zabludovsky (1913) who used a plethsymograph to register the phenomenon.

Common concept: Massage therapy /chiropractic procedure

Back in 1987 one Russian neurologist, the specialist in sports medicine, has invited me to participate in a pilot experiment for chiropractic medicine educational program. He was hired by Medical College at city of RAMAT GAN at Israel to develop and to supervise this program for further approval by the Department of Education. At the time I was already experienced medical massage practitioner but knew little about chiropractic medicine.

Clinical incidences could be educational

Recently I had a rather stormy discussion in one of the user groups regarding my article "Body cells carry emotional memories.” This theory doesn’t have existing scientific explanation, only a working hypothesis.

Unexpected usefulness of certain massage protocols

Several weeks ago, I received a 53 years old male client who was suffering from what was introduced to me as sciatic nerve neuralgia. He had reported all classical symptoms of this disorder, including pain in the buttocks with irradiating to the leg.

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