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Remembering about the uniqueness of massage therapy

Hello friends!

I am of the opinion that massage therapists must remember about the great uniqueness of massage therapy when treating any disorders or dysfunctions.
Recently, a person from our fields, a friend of mine, posted this article on his site.

Do you possess enough expertise and experience to break my fascia?

Below is my blog about this bizarre request “to break fascia.” In this blog, I am not only presenting this case, but also explaining fascia/muscles relations, pathophysiology, and much more. In addition, I am providing information about the historical developer of this methodology. It’s a fascinating story.

There might be personal benefits in sincere and active compassion

Like most people, forced by courante for inactivity, I was racking my brain on ways to be productive and if possible help to other people in that difficult time.

The uniqueness of massage therapy

Hello Friends,

"Five years ago or so, I received a call from a patient. Her first question was: “Do you possess enough expertise and experience to break my fascia?” ???? Jokingly I answered: “I’m in the business of repairing, and not breaking.”

Boosting the immune system made simple

Dear friends,

It just crossed my mind that now because of the global tragedy it is appropriate to talk about the most powerful methodology in our toolbox that allows boosting the immune system. This is a methodology of detoxification and manual acceleration of lymphatic drainage. There is no other clinically proven scientifically based methodology, capable of competing with it.

Managing stress on your own

To all my dear friends,

I hope that you and your close ones are safe and healthy.

It’s a tough time. The time of much worry, anxiety, and stress. We cannot avoid stress. Rather if we manage it properly, we can avoid its detrimental consequences on our immune system and health in general.

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Fascia mobilization is an important massage modality. Unless a therapist releases tension in fascia it is impossible to achieve results. To find out why this is important on the physiological level.

Physiological bases of fascia release and mobilization

Fascia surrounds each muscle, hosts pathways for nerves and blood vessels, participates in a nutritional supply and gas exchange and provides support for muscles when they are under a significant load. For example, when a biceps constricts, flexes forearm or lifts weight, fascia supports biceps action by sharing the load.

The case of “Breaking my fascia”

Five years ago or so, I received a call from a patient referred by MD. Her first question was: “Do you possess enough expertise and experience to break my fascia?” 

Historical overview of fascia release mobilization

The works of Austrian physical therapist Elizabeth Dickle made known to the scientific community the importance of tension build-up in the connective tissue/fascia and its impact on chronic somatic and visceral abnormalities.

Rehabilitation VS inhibition of symptoms

For approximately the last seven years, the interest of my practice shifted to post-concussion rehabilitation. I am glad and proud to report that in most of those cases I succeeded. Appropriately utilizing methods of post-concussion medical massage a practitioner could achieve sustainable results.

Addressing lateral abdominal walls

During my career, I had had many opportunities to provide successful treatments for people who suffered from essential hypertension. Although for some reason in the United States hypertension, secondary to vertebral artery syndrome, is also considered to be essential hypertension.

Use of massage in case of severe concussion

A person whose testimonial you’ll be acquainted with below attended my treatment sessions seven months ago. It was a well-observed case.

Is massage therapy an “innocent” procedure? Part 4

Thank God, I always have been successful during my entire career. Somehow, from the very beginning, I understood that the development of hands-on skills is a lifelong process. In this respect, the sky is the limit.

Is massage innocent 3

Hi all,

I didn't finish my discussion: ”Is massage therapy an innocent procedure?”

Sentiments and emotions in massage therapy field

The degree of emotional reactions to everything is different. As we are different people, emotional reactions depend on our personal or philosophical views. At times, one can experience a significant emotional reaction without an apparent or explainable reason.

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